In TVN ‘Read the book’, which was broadcasted on the 1st, he introduced Jingbi Rock, which recorded the contrast of the Imjin War.

In the broadcast, along with Jeon Hyun-mu, Lee Ji-k and Moon Ga-young, novelists Jang Kang-myung, physicist Kim Sang-wook, and Lee Jang-won from KAIST talked about the reality of Joseon Dynasty before and after the Imjin War. Gongbi-rok is a book written by Yoo Sung-ryong in the middle of Joseon Dynasty’s experiences and facts about Imjin Dwarf and Jeong Yu-jae.

On that day, Jang Kang-myung said, “Imjin War may be dramatic, but the book is very interesting.”

He then explained, “The irony is to prepare for the vigilance of the book itself. It is not read in Korea but called the Joseon Jingbi log. It became a best seller. It became a forgotten book in Korea.”

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