In MBC ‘Real Mana 300,’ which was broadcasted on the afternoon of the 21st, 10 fast-rope training exercises of “poison warriors” who were admitted to a special war machine, urban area training training, pistol shooting training

Emergency situations occurred to special troops such as Oh Ji-ho, Lee Jung-hyun, Ahn Hyun-soo, Matthew Dauma, Hong Suk, and Gamst. It was put into ‘practical fast rope’ and ‘urban area operation’ dropping from the air.

The crew ended the shooting training and urgently returned to the dwelling. Because of the terrorist attack situation. Four terrorists across Kyodong, Gangwon Province detained two hostages. We had to rescue the terrorists and rescue the hostages, and they had to be dispatched immediately with a helicopter within 10 minutes.

As soon as Gamst arrived, he heard from his commander, “I do not think I can do anything about fast ropes.”

Gamst said, “I seem to have lamented that at the time. Gammst landed on the ground alone with both feet.

1 and 3 members of the squad had to work in the city to rescue the hostages, but they made frequent mistakes, and the area chief repeated it until it was complete, saying “Today’s operation is a failure”.

Five major and four beautiful gunmen, Oh Yoon-a, Kim Jae-hwa, Sandara Park, and Ju-yi were trained in rounds.

Prior to this drill, I conducted a 7m practice shot, and everyone was surprised by the enormous sound. Sandara Park said, “I’ve never done anything other than fighting a water gun, and I do not play dangerous games, so I was scared.”

The 15-meter shooting shot went in and Oh Yoon-aa emerged as an ace. Kim Jae-Hwa (18 points), Sandara Park (22 points), and Oh Yoon-a (58 points). Oh Yoona said, “It was so crazy and fun.”

The secret private life of “poet warriors” was revealed at the hotel overnight.

Sandara Park showed a more comfortable life at the hostel, and made a leisurely effort. The Lord played a piano in the middle of the night and laughed as he showed his unique behavior of smelling his feet. In M Living Room, Matthew, Ahn Hyunsoo and Oh Ji-ho smiled at their son and daughter.

In practice, in the martial arts training, 10 people put on protective equipment on the upper body and pulled out a laughing and training. It was a drill to knock out opponents with weapons with swords and guns.

It was a high intensity exercise so Matthew was bleeding from the ear during training. Fortunately, my eardrums were not hurt.

“When I was a child, I went to go to Taekwondo to pick up a yellow belt and then quit on the first day,” said Sandara Park, who was struggling with toxicity.

Two hours passed, and Sandara Park shed tears during training. Sandara Park, who had been out of the training room for 10 minutes during the break, said, “I can not do this, I hate guns and cruelty, I can not really beat a fake knife.” Joshi rushed to the park and asked for a ride, but eventually gave up training.

After that, one-on-one pair training was held to the other side of the neck, and Ji, who became a pussy, dribbled. The ball reminded me of the redness of the ball, and weighed in training.

Lee Jung-hyun, who was a Judo player at the end of the final evaluation time, was tortured by the balance, but was praised for his unusual move in the latter half. Short-track player Ahn Hyun-soo broke through an invisible gap and arrived at the end point. Ahn Hyun-soo, who was exhausted at the end, said, “I have not exhausted the short track for 25 years. Unlike the situation in which he was nervous in the first place, he succeeded in escaping and received praise from the instructor.

Matthew, who was out of training due to an ear injury, voluntarily participated in the final evaluation. The challenge of evaluating out-of-date colostrum was followed. Matthew was able to escape by jumping with his base, and the instructor showed a thumbship saying, “I have nothing to say.” Matthew set the record for the shortest time to escape pressure.

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