In the MBC drama “Red Moon Blue Sea,” broadcasted on the 9th, Chow Woo Kyung (Kim Sun-ae) laid a black chat of red crying to know the secret of his brother’s tea ceremony.


Woo Kyung went to Yoon Tae-joo (Joo Seok-tae) and told a story about a green girl. He said, “The green girl is the child I know. I called him Segyeong.” “But he is not Segyeong,” Taeju asked Wukyong if he remembered what he had played with Segyeong. Woo-kyung went back after the consultation, and Tae-ju left alone made an unknown face.

Ji – heon began to question the conclusion that Lee Eun – ho (Cha, Gyun – hwan) is ‘red crying’. Kang Min-gi, who has always been close to Eun-ho, said, “Eun-hong did not kill a person, it is a detective who killed a person, we think that Eun-hong did the right thing, I felt it.

Ji Heon, who returned to the police station, said, “I confess before I die, I do not believe that, but he seems to hide something. If you fight a person, only you will get tough. ”

Woo Kyung went to Dong Seok (Kim, Jin-jin) and found a picture of the silver dragon. The day when the red cry appeared in the department store square, in fact, Eunho went to see the performance with Dongsuk and Sora. Wu-kyung went straight to Jiheon, and the two men were convinced that there was a red cry in addition to the euns.

Wakyou decided to get hypnosis treatment for Taeju. The hypnosis started to recall the past. Woonggyeong, who liked to change his brother Sekyeong and doll clothes, confronted himself, who wanted to make his newcomer Hajinok (Na Young-hee) always happy.

Going to the past, Woo-kyung recalled his brother Se-Kyung who had gone to his family home. Woo Kyung recalls, “Seekyong came from a foreigner ‘s house, but the world has changed.” Sekyeong was awkward to the right, and the right side was awkward. My father said to Woo Kyung, “I’m your sister. The more I tried to go to the past, the harder I did not come up with the sealed memories, and finally ended the hypnosis treatment.

Woo-kyung met his aunt with the help of a prostitute. However, she brought out a completely different story from the memories of Wakyung. My aunt said, “Sekyeong has been left to your family”, “Your mother is the one who got her child by the hand in the middle of the sickness. As soon as your mother died, He said, “I will give it to you, too.” Wuqing was shocked.

Jiheon went out to the robbery scene and knew that the victim ‘s child was going to Hanul Center. I was shocked to know that he was a swimmer on the stairs. The mystery about Sekyeong was not solved, and eventually he approached the red cry.

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