MBC ‘show! Music Core ‘in the Red Velvet’ tweaked won first place Psycho ‘is IU’ ahead of Bloomingdale ‘changmo’ METEOR ‘.

The MCs said, “Congratulations on Red Velvet. We will deliver the trophy.”

In the music center on this day, SF9 decorated a comeback stage with 9 colors of 9 people. SF9, which released the song ‘As You Hold Your Hand’ and the title song ‘Good Guy’, cheered the fans. 

ATI’s classic mood, temperance charisma, and the new song ‘Answer’ stage. In addition, Berry Berry and Dream Note also staged a comeback stage to attract the audience.

In addition, Momoland, Kim Na-hee, B of You, Nature, Top Secret, Donkeys, Boyspur, ENOi, ANS, Hee, Twelve Months, and Jeong Hyo-bin appeared in various stages.

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