Comprehensive programming channel broadcast on the 22nd JTBC gilt drama ‘Regal Hai’ 5th shows the appearance of the booker Seo Eun-su, who has seen a new look of Ko-taerim.

Choi, who sued Hong Min-chul (Moon Jae-won) in the wedding photography scene on the day, Choi Hyun – ji is not a thing to have ever done, and Hong Min – cheol claims to be a stalker. Hong Min-chul said, “It is not an absolute stalker, it was a movie.” As a lawyer, Hong Min-cheol, Lee Seo-jae, found a picture of Choi kissing Hong Min-chul.

Kang Ki-seok, who met Lee Jae-in in front of the judge, said, “Would not you regret not accepting my proposal?” However, the resident said, “I’m just thinking about the trial. “He replied.

Afterwards, at the trial, Seo Jae-in asked Choi again, “Did you really have any feelings for Hong Min-cheol?” The Seo Jae – in tried to reveal the picture saying “I am not happy with the relationship that started and hurt someone”. However, Hong Min-chul blocked the den and said, “I am fully satisfied.”

Hong Min-cheol apologized to Choi for saying, “I’m sorry, I misjudged myself and ruined your marriage.” After the trial, Hong Min-chul told Lee that “I saw Choi Hyun-ji, who denied until the end, that the love I had was pathetic.”

He said to Lee, “I want the client to change the result, so I will give you a break.” Kang Ki-seok, Gang-gyun (Kim Byung-ok) and I won the Taerim Office. Kang Ki-seok is a joke, and Tae-rim was shocked by Hong Min-cheol, Choi’s photo, “Congratulations.

Meanwhile, Seo Jae – in tried to give the police the evidence he found at the scene of the murder of Albany. However, Ms. Sul-hee was caught by police officers, and she was called to the interrogation room. At that time, the Taerim appeared and called out, “Who is the truth?” “I was worried when I asked Terry,” Have you eaten rice? ”

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