Comprehensive programming channel broadcast on the 8th In the 9th JTBC gilt drama ‘Regal High’, the vast (Kim Byung-ok) of touching the Gong-taerim (Jungbun) was drawn.

On the same day, Susee (Lee Soon-jae) told Seo Jae-in (Seo Eun-su) to take on the neighboring assault case of Lee Jong-mi (Cha Seung Yeon) Seo Jae-in said he would go to the T’ai-lom alone, but he did not retire, saying that he would only coach him in the audience.

In the midst of the Old Testament, the T’erim was tied to the chair, but suddenly the T’erim passed out and was not in the seat. The T’erim went on trial instead of the denied resignation.

In the meantime, Democracy (Chung Jae-an) told Kang Ki-seok (Yun Bok) about the incident of the birth of the Taerim. Chairman of the Hangang Group Sung Hyun-koo Sung Sung criticized the old man’s assault until the death, but it was the case that was decided by the self-defense. Since then the provincial standard has been violently battered by the ancient Taerim, and the ancient Taerim was still suffering from the incident.

Yoon Sang-koo (Jeonghoon), who heard the conversation between the two, told him to touch the vigorous and the tamura of Taerim. The vast Sang Demok Seng asked me not to take this case, but the Democratic Party rejected it.

In the aftermath of the wartime, he put a sticky mask on Koh Taerim. Seo Jae-in said that she played a barbecue fight video at the time, and that her husband was injured and Lee Jong-mi was injured. However, Democrat Lee dismissed it as “unwarranted speculation.”

At that time, a vast amount of Song Eun-hye (Kim Ho-jung) appeared. It was the people related to the trauma of the Taerim. In the end, Koh Tae-rim was exposed and excited about the list of law firms. After the trial, all of the appointments at the T’Araim Office were canceled, and all sorts of yachts and golf memberships must be disposed of during the wartime.

At that time, the prosecutor called the office and said, “Why do you come and follow the plea of ​​others?” The receptionist, who was called, learned about the incident and shouted, “Now you have come to feel guilty, you son of a bitch.”

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