On the 4th, MBC standard FM Park Jun-hyung and Jung Kyung-mi’s 20,000 live (2 pm live) invited ‘Lee Sa Yeon’ guest appeared as a guest.

On this day, Roh Sae-yeon said about her dream, saying, “A hippo appeared and asked her mother’s arm. So she thought she was a son.” Park Jun-hyung said, “I heard that Lee Moo-song told me that when I was a baby, everyone was mistaken as a man, and when I saw the album, I put a flower in my head.” Mr. Roh said, “I was aiding to put a flower on my head. Everyone was mistaken as a man and asked me if I went in a stroller.” “I confessed the extraordinary past.

Jeong Kyung-mi asked, “I heard that you were born with 4.8kg. Wasn’t you ever sick?” Roh Sae-yeon replied, “What’s sick. I made my baby’s broth with meat broth. Chung asked, “What’s the secret of health,” Roh said, “I forget to go past and try to laugh about new things.”

Chung Kyung-mi delivered news of the 40th anniversary album of Roh’s debut, and Roh said, “The 40th anniversary has passed, but the album was released as the 40th anniversary.” Roh Sa-yeon is known as an icon of sprinting. ‘Meet’ didn’t respond much at the time of release, but after 2 years, it was the first to run the race and received the Golden Cup. Roh Sae-yeon said, “I played with Joo Byung-jin,” Let’s learn. “The last broadcast, I played my song ‘Meet.’

Park Jun-hyung said, “Let’s learn ‘was so fun.” One listener sent him a message saying, ‘I thought I would marry Joo Byung-jin.’ Among them, Roh said, “Imong Song Taemong was a white goldfish. So we met in the water. We met the hippopotamus and the goldfish in the pool.” 

Park Jun-hyung asked, “Why wasn’t the reverse driving, and the reaction did not come hot?”, And “’Wind’ came out in 2015. The driving was back in four years. You are loving this, “he said. Park Jun-hyung said, “Is the ‘wind’ came out in 2015.”

Park Jun-hyung said, “I have a lot of schedules, so I feel restless. I work less than a day all week,” Roh complained, “That’s why. I don’t know why.” So I seem to sing a lot here and there. “

On the other hand, Roh was also a ‘celebrity No. 1 who was expelled from the fasting house’. In response to this, Roh Sae-yeon said, “There is a lock on the fasting refrigerator. But I broke it. I was hungry, so I could tear anything. I smelled the rice and everything went there to make me strong.” Talked. “I don’t diet nowadays. I did a lot of diets. The poison went up.”

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