SBS is planning to cast two actors ‘romantic doctor Kim Sabu’ for the season, and it seems that they will not see a combination of Han Seok-gyu, Seo Hyun-jin, and Hyungsuk Kim.

Clover Company of Han Seok-gyu said that it is hard to say what it is because it is true that I talked about “romantic doctor Kim Sabu 2” on May 13 afternoon newsen but it is not a script.

Seo Hyun-jin, managing director of the management agency, said, “I have not received an official proposal, and I am not discussing the TVN drama” Black Dog “.

[OSEN=이대선 기자] 1일 오후 서울 영등포 타임스퀘어 아모리스홀에서 JTBC 새 월화드라마 ‘뷰티 인사이드’ 제작발표회가 열렸다.
배우 서현진이 취재진의 질문을 듣고 있다./

[OSEN=곽영래 기자] 배우 양세종이 31일 오후 서울 마포구 SBS 프리즘타워 로비에서 진행된 ‘2018 SBS 연기대상’ 포토월 행사에 참석해 레드카펫을 밟고 있다. /

“We did not get a formal offer, but we were unable to cast it because the schedule was not right when the story came out,” explaining the reason why it can not appear.

‘Romantic Doctor Kim Sabu’ is a story of a ‘real doctor’ by Kim Jabu, a ‘geeky genius doctor’, who is taking place at the shabby stone wall hospital in the province, and young passionate doctors Kang Dong- In January of 2017, the highest rating (Nielsen Korea nationwide households) recorded 27.6%.

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