The portal shakes even if only casting news comes out. The story of the romantic doctor Kim SaBu Season 2, starring An Hyo-Sup as the male main character.

On the evening of the 24th, actor Ahn Hyo-seop and SBS new drama ‘Romantic Doctor Kim Sabu Season 2’ (play Eun Young Kang, director Yu In Sik, hereinafter “romantic doctor Kim Sabu 2”) took the portal site real-time search query. It is thanks to the meeting of actors and works that stimulate curiosity and anticipation with only appearance and organization news.

The interest began with the news of Ahn Hyo – seop ‘s romantic doctor Kim Sa – bum 2. On the afternoon, a media report borrowed the words of a drama official that An Hyo-seop was decided to be one of the characters of “Romantic Doctor Kim Sa-bu 2”.

In relation to this, Ahn Hyo-seop, a member of Star House Entertainment, told OSEN that “I am very grateful to have received a proposal from the production team of the romantic doctor Kim Sabu. However, the official said, “We have not confirmed the appearance yet,” he said.

It was also confirmed that the appearance of the season one actors from the actor Han Seok-gyu of the title roll around the “romantic doctor Kim Sabu 2” was not confirmed. Last month, Han Seok-gyu also reported that he was appearing on “Romance Doctor Kim Sabu 2,” but his agency said that he was “undecided” because he had received a proposal for an offer but has not yet received a script.

As such, there are actors who are interested in each other, such as Han Seok-gyu and Ahn Hyo-seop, but the expectation of viewers about ‘Romantic Doctor Kim Sa-bum 2′ is already significant. It was because of the fact that in Season 1, he had a hole-free finish with a realistic surgical scene, a warm message, and actors’ stamina.

‘Romance Doctor Kim Sabu’ is a story of real physicians performed by Kim Sa-bae (Han Seok-gyu), a young geek doctor, and young passionate Kang Dong-ju (flexible stone), Yun Seo-jeong (Seo Hyun-jin) Is a drama. It was broadcast 20 times from November of 2016 to January of the following year, and Nielsen Korea was loved by the highest average rating 27.6% on the national average basis.

In particular, actor Han Seok-gyu, who played the title role gimp, won the Grand Prize at the SBS ‘Acting Grand Prize’ in 2016. It was a controversial subject in all aspects of acting ability, topic casting, and audience ratings. Moreover, he listened to the publicity book with the intention of drama planning at the awards ceremony and expressed his unusual attachment to the work. In addition, the controversial “mass blacklist” of the controversy at the time, “stars shining in the dark night sky” reminded me of a prize awarded a respectable dignity.

In addition, Hyunsook and Seo Hyunjin, as well as young actors such as the new breed, Kim Hyeong-pa and Jin-gyeong, veteran actors and Kim Hye-soo was a hot topic. Here, the message of “What does a person live in?” Is a popular answer to the message of the work that sang romanticism of mankind, which reminds the life ethics, and to the production which stably puts both the surgical scene and the romance scene. Considering this, netizens’ enthusiasm and expectation for romantic doctor Kim Sa-bum 2 is not excessive.

Until that much from the knitting to the casting situation. Fortunately, Ahn Hyo-seop showed a relatively stable performance in the TVN drama ‘Abys’, which is about to end, and earned a passing score. It was also said that it was also attractive to watch the boy and the man who showed in the previous SBS drama ‘Thirty, but seventeen’.

SBS official said, “In case of ‘Doctor Kim Sambu 2’, only the second half of this year is scheduled to be concluded.

What is the result of the ‘Doctor Kim Saab 2’ crew responding to soaring expectations and curiosity? The eyes and ears of the public are focused on ‘romantic doctor Kim Sambu 2’, which will return in the second half before the first half is over.

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