Singer Yang Hee Eun appeared as a guest on KBS 2TV ‘Rooftop room trouble boy’ broadcasted on the 13th.

On this day Yang Hee-eun appeared to show off her extraordinary force, making the MC nervous. In particular, Kim Yong – man reveals his respect for Yang – Hee Eun, ‘Dae – sunbae’, and he seems humble as usual, unlike his younger sisters.

Yang Hee-eun showed a positive attitude and an artistic sense and showed an active attitude in solving problems. Yang Hee-eun, who played such an important role, asked for a song on the roof of 5MC immediately.

Yang Hee Eun ‘s sudden request, led to a deep empathy of mother and daughter,’ Mom to the daughter ‘was enthusiastic. He showed a smoothly unaccompanied live performance, and everyone was breathing in the voice of Yang Hee Eun who was cool.

In this way, Yang Hee-eun has attracted viewers with her extraordinary charisma and gentle charm.

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