Kim Yong-man returned to the KBS 2TV ‘rooftop room problem boy’ on the 10th after two weeks and appeared as guest. 

On this day, Kim Yong – man, who had been on the air for two weeks due to a health problem, appeared, and Kim Sook and Min Kyung – hoon were very happy. 

Kim welcomed Kim Yongman ‘s return saying “I should have a brother”. Kim Yongman “I look a lot from this line,” he was satisfied. Kim said, “I did not have any brothers because I did not have a brother. 

Afterwards, the guest and labor talent appeared. Because the guest hint was “Miss Korea,” those who could not reason at all came up to the emergence of the novice. “I am a volunteer person,” said Nosya, who said, “Miss Korea is stored in Miss Korea as a phone number on the phone.” 

The first problem was with the late-appointed bride. It is a matter of fact that the deceased Seo Hwan-hwan asked him to call “meeting” of labor and management at his funeral. In this story, I was blindfolded. “I did not know it at all, I would have gone if I knew it,” said Noda. “I should have gone.” I have to make a meaningful call whenever I call. ” 

Song Eun caught sight of the reason why couples who were in the middle of boredom broke up. What he advertised between married women and married men. The correct answer was that the reasons for falling in love were the same. 

So I asked the director about the moments that I faced at first sight. When I mentioned the white bathing suit of Lee Eui-Song to the novice, I said, “I hate even the white.” “I now love even the shortcomings, and now I have everything,” he said.

He said, “I think it ‘s impossible for me or anyone else.” He said, “Bomber comes in an odd number.” “I do not want to remarry, but I want my husband to be happy,” he said. Nodsyeon played a major role not only in solving the Tolstoy problem but also finding other problem solving directions together. 

Kim Yong-man said, “I was in love with my style because I was in love,” he said. He said, “I think it does not change, it is the same, but the rest that was good was gone. He said, “I am filling in new things.” 

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