MBC ‘What do you do when you play?’ Broadcasted on the afternoon of 11th, depicted Joon Seul, struggling to perform various missions.

On the day, Yoo Seong-seul began to settle profits with his manager, Tae-ho Kim, at MBC. Faced with PD Kim, he expected, “How many hundreds?”

Unexpectedly, however, I was disappointed with the small fee. KBS 1TV ‘morning yard’, MBC ‘Koyo Best’, SBS ‘gifted dig team’ and MBC ‘2019 Broadcasting Awards’ each cost 300,000 won. Yoo Seong-seul said, “It’s a deficit except for the oil price. Do you study? Do you study Kan?”

Kim PD, however, said that he decided to donate a total of 1.2 million won to briquette banks. In addition, the profits of ‘U-Flash’, which was another ‘Bukka’ Yugo Star, were also used meaningfully.

Lee Joong-seul took a step forward to the place where the crew informed her. Many people welcomed them when they entered the place. Apparently, he was invited to the Children’s Youth Music Support Project Agreement, which provides musical and musical education expenses to children and teenagers. An official said that 200 million won was donated to the U-Flash relay music source. Afterwards, Yoo Jae-seok wore ‘U-Flash’ concert costume and reappeared and cheered.

Later, Joong Seul Seul was transformed into a MBC cafeteria ramen chef and presented 100 employees of Tteok Ramen. Joan Seul said to the waiting staff, “I’m sorry.” I was surprised by the constant queue and speeded up “I’ll try as soon as possible.” The lactic acid chain succeeded in cooking 100 servings of rice cake ramen in 1 hour 37 minutes.

The crew prepared for the chase for the new year. Reluctantly excited about the New Year’s race, “I’ve been chewy for a long time,” he showed enthusiasm. But at the end of the mission, there was a ramen shop. Receiving this, Yul-seul accepted the reality, “I suddenly change the ramen house…” but “I should change my clothes.”

Park Eun-young, the master of Chinese master Yeong-rae Lee, came to pass the ramen recipe. Lee Soon-seol who tasted delicious ramen was praised as “real life ramen. At the end of the broadcast, Jang Seong-gyu, a broadcaster, appeared in a ramen shop and raised expectations about what would happen in the next episode.

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