OCN is coming back with a thrilling play. The original OCN Tree Inspector, Running, deals with events that anyone might have experienced through human rights. The actors’ solid acting power and synergy are added to improve the perfection. The ambition is to provide viewers with laughter and excitement by telling realistic stories in the background of the Human Rights Promotion Committee.

On the afternoon of the 9th, a production presentation was held at the Imperial Palace Hotel in Nonhyeon-dong, Seoul. Actor Lee Yo-won, Choi Gui-hwa, Jang Hyun-sung, Oh Mi-hee, Kim Joo-young, Lee Ju-woo, and Kim Yong-soo attended.

The Running Inspector is a drama in which the Human Rights Commissioner’s Investigators happily fight for people with unfair stories. Kim directed the program three years after the KBS drama ‘Baby Sitter’. Kim said, “It was difficult to reproduce it as it was,” said Kim.

In addition, “six episodes from the original appear all,” he explained. “The novels in letters were highlighted in three dimensions.”

Kim said, “There are a few important things about the production of this work. “The previous works were bluffed,” he added. “This time, the story goes through a specific motto of life-oriented.”

Lee Yo-won played Han Yun-seo, a cool principled investigator. “I saw director Kim’s ‘Baby Sitter’ and said,“ I thought I wanted to work with director Kim. I look forward to this work. ”

In addition, Lee Yo-won said, “It is the opposite of the propensity and style, but ironically fits with Choi. Choi Choi Hwa said, “(Lee Yo-won) is a senior. I felt a lot lacking while acting together. “Drama shooting is not familiar. Whenever I did, Lee Yo-won held me a lot and I thought I could not ignore the actor’s career. ” “Lee Yo-won has anti-war charm,” he added, “candid and cool.”

Lee Yo-won confessed to the focus on acting, “I see a lot of incidents on human rights when I look at the news.” “I learned what the Human Rights Commission is doing through this work,” he said. “I think it’s the ultimate goal of the drama to inform viewers about the nature of the Commission.”

Choi Hwa-hwa plays Bae Hong-tae, a behaviorist with a sense of justice. He said about the role, “The film made a villain, but also played a good role. “I’m looking forward to playing a good role in this work,” he added. “Bae Hong-tae is rough in appearance and behavior, but warmer than anyone else.

Choi also said, “I’m used to appearing in movies rather than dramas. There is no burden to play a big role in the movie, ”he said.“ It was burdensome to lead a 16-part film without being used to shooting a drama. ” “I had a lot of trouble in advance at the beginning of the filming,” he said. “It was not easy to adapt. “It was hard to guess because I was breathing and shooting so fast and meeting so many people.”

“I thought that I should adapt quickly for my work,” he said. “Fortunately, my colleagues and seniors are taking care of me wisely.”

Jang Hyun-sung divides himself into a realist investigator, Kim Hyun-suk. He is a “citizen with a lot of personal interest in society.” He explained to Kim Hyun-suk, “There are many phrases in the stories of citizens who come to the Human Rights Promotion Committee.” After that, most of the acts are focused on one subject, such as life style or charisma, according to the theme of the work.

In addition, Oh Mi-hee, who played the role of Ahn Kyung-sook, the chairman of the Human Rights Promotion Committee with progressive thinking, Kim Joo-young, who acted Bu Ji-hun, a secretary of Eom Chin-ah, who has the ability and talent, and Lee Joo-woo, who was a newcomer investigator Lee Dal-sook, immerse themselves in their characters.

Choi Gwi-hwa said, “I thought I wanted to do this work when I received the script.” He emphasized that “the main character of the drama is the victims who appear every time,” and “resolving their sadness and difficulties is the center of the story.” “If you think about what’s going on in our daily lives, you’ll have a lot of fun watching the drama.”

‘Running Investigator’ is aired for the first time at 11 o’clock on the 18th.

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