MBC jumalgeuk ‘I love you sad “work is a remake of the’ beautiful people ‘of Shinji Nojima writer aired in Japan TBS 1999 years. Live Ji Hyun-woo changed the face Park Han-byul (Yun-Marie) and that love to give change to that Park Han-byul with the dead wife’s face (Seo Jung-won), ryusuyoung (ganginuk), love Ji Hyun-woo, but do not have good friend Wang Bit-na (Note Be) awful for Park Han-byul to chase The relationship between the intangible.

Ryu Soo-young played an obsessive man who loved only one woman. It needed that much detail. I finished the character of the crazy villain with concentration and I made another filmography with a creepy appearance. “For the time being the villain smoke and do not want to,” he said ryusuyoung put down feelings of sympathy for ganginuk remained mediocre ryusuyoung, the husband of the woman and returned to the father figure of a child.

– Good work. “When I finished it, it was over, I waited only for it to finish, I fought out in front of a big mirror when I practiced at dawn in my house, I tried to make it an unusual character, I studied and studied the number of many cases. We aimed to turn into a thriller when I came out. Our drama is ‘Joss’ and I thought it was ‘Joss’.

– The music made it even more frightening. “The drama is the first time that I have been involved in such music when I came out, and the smoke has helped me a great deal.” The feeling of running away was more obvious, It was an urgent deployment, and it was a great help in terms of technology. “

– It would not have been easy to maintain Kang In-wook’s feelings for a long time. “It was not always hard to hate someone for six months, it was not easy to take that feeling constantly, of course, but sometimes I hear the word” I do not love you “when my heart sank down. I was so tired of spending two or three months in such a state that I had a lot of nightmares and a lot of sleep, “he said.

– Weight was getting less and less. “I lost 5kg for three weeks to make the final scene, I wanted to express my character better, and I wanted to have a lot of acting.” The scene is the most memorable. There was a lot of water in my nose when I shot it. The memories of ‘I love you’ coming from the deepest part of my heart remain in my memory. I was able to die coolly. “

– I did not get a picture of the character suddenly. “Actually, I have always been irritable, but when I get home, I see my daughter smile brightly, and I feel like I have lost my heart, and I thought that I should not be sensitive like I used to be. As I learn both, I know that when I work on each other, I become more sensitive, so be careful about each other.
– My wife ‘s reaction is. “It’s not a new look,” he said, “it’s good to see the first one or two times.” I was so uncomfortable that I could not see it. I am going to ask about what it was like after seeing it all. “I am going to ask about how it was after seeing it.

– Guns appeared really often. “In the original work, Kang In-wook’s character was a detective living in an old apartment. In Korea, the characters changed into chaebols, but there was a lot more to do, and it was burdensome to take out a lot of guns. I have a lot of skill to pull the bullets out of one hand, and now I think I can play a good role as a gunman (laughs). “

– I showed him an injury. “I did not want to hit the wall with a script, but I did not want to hit the wall because I had an affection for Kang In-wook without knowing it. I could not do it because it was written on the script, so I wanted to express it as realistic as possible.

– It seems that if you were in a drama situation, you would have hated Ji Hyun-woo. “I can not hate myself because I’m too good and hard, and I can not hate myself because I can not hate myself because I have never been hated. I came to the place quickly, and I settled into the role as much as I could sleep in the set.

– If you have learned anything from this postponement. “I was a person who was close to human nature, there were a lot of things in one dimension, a lot of facial expressions came out in me as I played a simple person, I knew a lot of people, I felt indirectly that human beings could be this way, I want to do it, it seems to be hard, it still has nightmares.

– The character you want to challenge is. “I want to play a person who has a mixture of good and evil,” SKY Castle, “but it was not very human, and sometimes it is difficult to play such an ugly, occasionally embarrassing act, but it seems funny. I want to do a weekday play, and it would be nice to talk about the story of this period. “

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