On the 5th, KBS2 ‘Men’s Season 2,’ a picture of the Choi Minhwan family enjoying the cool water in the summer was drawn.

On that day, Minhwan and Yul-hee visited a toy store to play with their son Jae-yul and the water in the summer. Minhwan was able to shake off his pocket money and showed a big picture of Jae – ryui ‘s bathing gear and buying new toys. The two returned home and began to blow the tubes and the pool. However, they did not find the air injector and laughed in their mouths and laughed. Minhwan, who discovered the air injector in the envelope, completed the tube and pool at the end of his labor.

Jae Ryul was enjoying a tube ride at the water park finished at home. It was the same with Minhwan and Yul-hee. The couple played water guns in the house. Minhwan said, “I have been playing with water for the first time, but I have never played with Yuhee.” Yul-hee said, “I feel like I’m back in love again.”

Yul-hee left home because of dental treatment. In the meantime, Minhwan went to the refrigerator and picked up plain yogurt. Minhwan played with the yogurt and play the touch. He showed off his affectionate father, but did not remove the yogurt trail. Then Minhwan pulled out the trampoline and broke into the house. After the medical examination, Yoo-hee entered the house and was surprised by the messy living room. Min-hwan apologized, but Yul-hui said, “I was messed up beyond what I thought.” Then Yu Yi-hee said to Hyun-hwan, “I have to clean up and call out.”

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