Kim Seong-soo met Kool-Yuri at KBS 2TV ‘Salim Men’s Season 2 (‘ Salim Nam 2 ‘) broadcast on the 8th. After the marriage, the United States had been in Korea for a while.

Kim Sung-soo and Yuri recalled the past, expressing their welcome to each other. Especially, Yuri showed her affection by hugging HyeBin.

Yuri told HyeBin, “My aunts were really prettier, remember, my dad said I had lost my pocket money.”

Then, after shopping with Hye-bin, Yuri visited Kim’s home. Glass was in the refrigerator inspection and discovered the products that were past the expiration date.

Afterwards, Yuri asked Kim Sung – soo to step out and talked to Hye – bin alone. Yuri said, “I was friends with my aunt. I heard a lot of my mom and aunt. I was friendly. “

She said, “What color did your mother like?” And Yuri said, “I can not remember, but my mother liked her clothes very much, she liked shoes and bags, bought her pretty things, “He said.

Then Yuri said, “My mom liked purple.” She said, “I like purple.”

Yuri also confessed to the anecdote Kim Sung-soo had met with his wife for the first time. Yuri said, “Dad came to me when my aunt and my mom met. I knew that face and met my dad and mom, but my aunt did not know.”

She said, “My mom used to shop, but my dad came to me every day, and my mother boasted to her aunt every day.

Hye Bye interviewed with the production team, “I was curious about the story of my mother. I asked my dad and the people around me, but I was curious about my mother. I appreciated her aunt, “she confessed.

Yuri said, “I really cried when I saw ‘Salim Nam’ in the US, and I needed my mom to have a little baby, how hard it was.

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