On the 5th, KBS 2TV ‘Boys in Saling Season 2’, Choi Minhwan and Yul-hee were shown.

The Kim Seung Hyun family sitting around the table on the day. Kim Seung-hyun was looking into the fan cafe in front of him. My father asked Kim Seung-hyun for his future plans, and Kim Seung-hyun was buried. My sister asked me, “Does anyone know SM or JYP?” Kim Seung-hyun said, “I do not want me to be a large-scale project.”

Father and family advised to have a competent manager, and Kim Seung – hyun saved the manager through his acquaintance. The first meeting with the manager at last. My dad introduced me to Kim Seung-hyun, saying, “I do not care about Seung-hyun,” and the manager made a hard note.

Kim Seung-hyun’s parents liked the manager’s first impression, saying, “It seems to fit well with Seonhyeon. My father told me to set my title. When Kim Seung-hyun usually worked with the team leader and the chief executive at the beginning, the father said, “It should be a director’s degree.”

When the father asked whether he had planned the action, the manager pulled out the dollygoods like profile. The family praised the readiness for the greatness. The younger brother was pushed by his father ‘s will to learn manager, and Kim Seung – hyun, the manager, drove the car.

The manager who arrived at KBS and Kim Seung-hyun. The manager did not know much about the station, and he seemed to be a fool. The two then went to the drama station and turned their profile and GOOGs. However, Kim Seung-hyun said, “It would be useless to do this, and I talked to one person.” When Kim Seung – hyun is talking to PD, the manager will buy coffee.

But the manager drove past the lobby to another cafe. “The café on the first floor seemed to be used every day, so I tried to make it delicious,” the manager said. But the taste was more important than time. The manager who arrived after a while passed coffee, and Kim stood up, saying, “I think I took a lot of time out of my bishop.” The manager was the first manager. When my father passed away at the end of his career as a manager, Kim Seung-hyun said, “I will raise him well.”

On the other hand, Yoo Hee and Choi Minhwan enjoyed the home entertainment together with Chan, and Kim Sung Soo and Dae Hye Bin took the advertisement of the chicken.

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