KBS 2TV ‘Saving Men Season 2’, which aired on the 15th, was depicted.

Kim Seung-hyun’s mother became depressed after Kim’s wedding. Kim Seung-hyun’s mother said, “I’ve been watching Seung-hyun for a while, but I’m married, I have no contact. I’m sorry to see you.”

Subin saw her grandmother depressed and asked to go out on a date. Kim Seung-hyun, who went to Hongdae, said, “It’s close to home.”

Kim Seung-hyun’s mother was worried about money, and Subin had a grandfather card. Kim Seung-hyun’s father gave Soobin a card and told him to relax. Kim Seung-hyun’s mom looked around enthusiastically.

Kim Seung-hyun’s mother took pancakes and headed to Kim’s newly married house. Kim Seung-hyun’s mother said, “I’m not going to visit suddenly. Then excuse me,” he emphasized, “I will only give my favorite pancakes.”

Subin continued to say, “I don’t like coming back suddenly,” but Kim Seung-hyun’s mother was crazy. Choi Yang-rak, Pang Hyun-sook, who was watching the video, said, “Subin listens.

Kim Seung-hyun’s mother said she would leave only pancakes, but she asked Subin to take a picture and send it. I also draw time in front of my house. Kim Seung-hyun’s voice was heard behind Kim Seung-hyun’s mother. Kim Seung-hyun told me to eat some tea, but Kim Seung-hyun and Subin headed home. Kim Seung-hyun said, “I was not able to contact you because of your marriage and work. I will contact you frequently in the future.”

Meanwhile, Choi Min-hwan decided to sell a drum that looked like a friend. Soon after the children are born, there’s plenty of money. Choi tried to sell his drum to his cousin. Poppin Hyun Joon headed for the goal with Park Ae-ri. Poppin Hyun-jun, who first came to her mother’s birthday because of her 10-year marriage, tried to make it easier for her family to see.

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