Park Seo-joon, who expressed himself as a self-loving lover in ‘Samse Three Mountain Village’ broadcasted on the 4th, showed passion to bring work clothes.

Before the fourth guest, the members ate breakfast with cheongyang chilli and mango soup with eggs, crispy tortillas, brown potatoes, and fried eggs. The three men, who admired each other’s dishes and had a pleasant breakfast, began to make salivary glands from the morning.

The next morning, I had a good morning playing with the air and drinking iced coffee. In particular, Park So-dam is not good at playing the air, so Yeom-jeong said, “I can’t talk too much. You only count on strength. ”

After a short break and trying to start a full-fledged job, Park Seo-joon arrived at the Seki House. Yeomjeongah learned that he was hungry and set up Hansang with Manokguk and Yeolmu-kimchi. “It’s so good,” he inhales roasted radish and radish kimchi. Park Seo-joon, who changed his clothes to work clothes, put a zipper bag in the refrigerator.

Yeon Jung Ah smiled as she said, “Plant pasta is so good.”

Park Seo-joon, who went to plant radishes with members in earnest, worked at a different speed. Yeom-jeong-ah, who was watching him, said, “I saw ‘Yunsik-dang,’ and Seo Joon did a good job. I will not be able to follow the speed of terrestrial Seo Joon, ”he praised the storm. The members, who ate their necks while drinking a cup of cool barley tea, enjoyed a short break after work finished earlier than expected.

Park Seo-joon kept trying to help her, so that the members came out and said, “Sleep.” He wandered around and became a universal worker when the members needed help. ’20 Twenty Challenges’ were also enthusiastic, showing off their passion.

The day before Park Seo-jun’s dinner menu, Gajibap, Dedeok-grilled, and Hwang-tae-guk. Yeomjeongah went to the garden and brought eggplants and green onions, and Yun Sea went to dig. Before starting full-fledged cooking, So-dam Park uncontrolled and Yeomjeong-ah showed perfect division of labor while preparing cooking ingredients.

After dinner, Yun Sea started washing dishes, and Park So Dam began to clean up the fire again. Yeomjeong finished cleaning the house in the meantime and completely set up to bed.

Yoon Se-ah and Park So-dam said, while washing dishes together, “the most troublesome thing left.” In particular, Yoon Se-ah told Park So-Dam, “Will I wash?”

Park So-dam also gave each other’s greetings through a video call between Shin and Shin. Later, before going to sleep, Yeom-jeong and Yun Se-ah massaged each other and even showed their passion.

To relax in the evening’s arduousness the three gave each other an express massage. The three men, who had each other’s special massages, laughed, saying, “We don’t know pain.”

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