The seventh episode of tvN Friday’s drama ‘Sangda Chun-ri Mart’ (played by Kim Sol-ji / directed Baek Seung-ryong) showed the heart of Jung Bok-dong (Kim Byung-chul) towards Chon-ri Mart.

On that day, a station came to cover Chollimar Mart. At this time, Jung Bok-dong said, “Do you need a stimulating material?” “If you have hemp group stock, I have a huge project that I am preparing. Please look forward to what will happen in the future. If you have stock, it will be awful.” He left a meaningful statement.

Thanks to the end of Chungbok-dong, the stock price of the hemp group soared. Daema Group chairman Kim Dae-ma (Lee Soon-jae) called Jungbok-dong as the head office. Chung Bok-dong told Kim Dae-ma, “Why didn’t you send me to work on what Kim Gap (Lee Gyu-hyun) and Kwon Young-gu (Park Ho-san) did? Why don’t you always smell and direct me? .

Kwon Young-gu showed arrogant attitude to Jung Bok-dong, leaving the headquarters, saying, “I’m not motivated. Chung Bok-dong replied, “I do not know that embezzled by making money back. You can not do it.

Chung Bok-dong drinks tea with Moon Seok-gu (Lee Dong-hui) and asks, “I like your job. Since then, Bok-dong has been drinking alone, signing a seven-year-old job cut, and recalling a huge number of employees being laid off.

Kwon Young-gu suggested to Kim Gap that he would like to promote the Tteokbokki business. Kim Kap opposes this, but Kwon Young-gu explained, “The food business has unexpected variables. If something goes wrong, do you need something to be overwritten?”

In the meantime, the staff at Chollima Mart decided to wear costumes for Halloween Day. All of the employees showed off their Korean makeup, but only Moon Seok-gu turned to Dracula. Moon Seok-gu sighed for the makeup of the employees, but as a result, it attracted positive responses from the Mart guests.

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