On TVN Friday’s TV drama ‘Sanja Chun-ri Mart’ (played by Kim Sol-ji / directed Baek Seung-ryong), which aired on Oct. 18, sales of Chun-ri Mart was depicted.

On that day, the manager Moon Seok-gu (Lee Dong-hui) gave an unintentional approach to Kim Chi-ah (woo Hyun-min), a member of parliament who came to seize the house. The staff and guests were amazed at the appearance of Moon Seok-gu, which was serving Kimchia with cabbage leaves.

President Jung Bok-dong (Kim Byung-cheol Bun) changed the empty space of the mart to the highest quality aquarium. The Paya showcased Kalgunmu at the Aquarium and announced the event, “We will catch the fish we want for the first-come-first-served basis and float it.” The guests heard immediately flocked to the fisheries corner, and Mart was hit again.

Kwon Young-gu (Park Ho-san) was nervous that Jungbok-dong would notice his corruption. Eventually, Kwon Young-gu proposed a short-term dispatch to Park (CEO Jae-Won Park) and conducted a self-denial training, saying, “If you go to Cheon-ri-Mart, you will be strange.”

Jung Bok-dong was looking at the counter again. The next day, Jung Bok-dong was lying on the floor of the sleeveless in a sleeveless suit and explained, “The simple labor of standing at the counter was hard. .

Phoenix F4, impressed with the welfare of Chun Ma Mart, came. The four people said, “I was very impressed by the indiscriminate recruitment, wages, and welfare. I plan to start the CholliMart purchase campaign.” Chung Bok-dong, who was hoping for the failure of Chol-Mart Mart, was very embarrassed and asked to use his rival Mart. However, Cili Mamart has since attracted more customers.

Mr. Park, who started the dispatch to Chun-Mari Mart, called Moon Seok-gu separately and asked about the archives. Moon Seok-gu led Park to the archives and informed him, “The key is owned by Mr. Chung Bok-dong.” Park conceived the key from Jungbok-dong, and Jungbok-dong stole the key through the gap between the bathrooms. But it wasn’t easy to break through the document room security, and Park failed to take the document out.

Kwon Young-gu went to the archive. With great flexibility and agility, Kwon Young-gu obtained the document, but it was a copy, not the original. Afterwards, Jungbok-dong and Moon Seok-gu of the drama had a meaningful smile, which raised their curiosity.

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