In the 9th OCN drama drama ‘Save Hwae-2’ (drama Seo Ju-yeon, directing interest) broadcast on June 5, the figure of Kim Min-cheol

Seung Cheol Woo (Kim Young Min) and Jin Seok (Ohn Yea Ahn) waited for Choi Kyung Suk (Chun Ho Jin) for different purposes. In order to ask about Kyung Suk’s record, Seung Cheol Wu was to express his anger about ignoring his contact.

Choi said to Jin-suk, “I’ll get in touch tomorrow.” Choi Kyung-seok said to Seong-chul Woo, “Did not Kim Min-cheol call for another lie? Kim Min-cheol is a teacher who defeated Jeon father, who was a teacher, and killed his father in my own hands. “

Bauer (starboard person) and poultry farmer (Lee Yun-hee) talked about the community of faith that Wonkukseok gave to Wolchulri people. The residents of Wolchuli decided to join the community of faith together. Kim Min-chul was surprised to hear the news of the runaway (Sung Hyuk min).

Goamadam (Han Sun-hwa) and the past history of the disease was revealed. Gomama has confided in the past of the devoted policies. The bottleneck was that the former Madam was troubled by his father ‘ When Kim Min-chul thought about the nature of the disease, he thought that he would never have run away from his wife and children,

Choi Kyung Suk handed the water raised by Sung Chul Woo to Chilsung (Jang Won Young). Chilsong believed that the water could fix his wife, who was ill at the end of lung cancer. Chilsung ‘s wife got the feeling that he was drinking better and feeling better. Because Choi Kyung – seok got the question medicine in the water. The Chilsung couple became more blind to Choi Kyung-seok. Chilsung led his wife to the church.

Choi assaulted his superiors and ordered, “Get Kim Min Chul right away.” Choi Kyung-suk collected the residents of Wolchul in the church and said, “I received an answer at dawn today. It is because of Satan that the moon mystery is submerged. ” Choi Kyung Suk drove Kim Min Cheol to Satan. Sungcheol Woo thought that such Choi Kyung Suk was wondered. My mother Kim Min-cheol went out of the church because of the stare of the residents of Wolchuli. Choi Kyeong-seok insisted, “We must fight against Satan.”

Choi Kyung Suk pointed out Sung Chul Woo as a person to drive out Kim Min Chul. Sung Chul Woo told the residents of Wolchuli: “You are the chosen people. I was born to be loved, “he preached. The residents of Wolchuli coincided with the decision to remove Kim Min-cheol from Wolmi-ri. Chilsung, who was the most devoted to Kim Min-cheol, took the lead.

Kim Young-sun (Isomun) said in front of the cross, “What should I do? Kim Min-cheol is dragged like my tag. What should I do? ” Seong Cheol Woo saw his appearance and prayed for Kim Young Sun from Kim Young Sun. Sungcheol Woo said to Kim Young Sun, “I will rescue your sister from Satan. I will protect you, “he promised. Choi Kyung Suk was angry with the pink atmosphere of Sung Chul Woo and Kim Young Sun.

Kim Min-cheol began investigating Jin-suk, the wife of the hospital. Min-cheol Kim asked Jin-suk, “How long have you been with him? How did you meet him?” I have muddled. Kim Min – chul questioned Jin ‘s sudden change of attitude. Kim Min-cheol went to Chilsung and insisted that Choi Kyung-suk won. “I do not believe you. You just leave here. ” Kim Min-cheol was abandoned and angry with Chilsung, the only one who believed and relied. In the past, Chilsung boasted Kim Jong – cheol, who had been released, to show his patience. Chilseong was the first to stop the village minister (Lim Hae-ryong) when he tried to drive the Kim Min-chul family.

Chilseong accused Kim Min-cheol of the past and said, “There is no one who appreciates you.” “Your mother has suffered to die because of the settlement. What is different when you live with your father? ” Chilsung said to Kim Min – chul, “You are a bad guy. Why do you blame your elder and your pastor? ” I was shocked by Kim Min-chul and I went out with a super.

Choi Kyung Suk visited her mother. Choi said, “There is only one way to save both your son and your daughter. I want to send her to Seoul. ” At that time Kim Young Sun came into the house. At the same time, Jin-suk yelled at him with a joy and saw the bag of money he gave.

She was caught by her mother-in-law (Lee Joo-sil) on the way to the runway. Jin – suk went to Seoul with her mother – in – law ‘s hand. Jin-suk said to her mother-in-law, “Satan and the devil are attached to me. I’ll say one word before I leave, but do not nag you with a good face. ” My mother-in-law banged her head as soon as she fell and bleed.

Kim Min-cheol reminded people who despised herself and vomited. Kim looked at the mirror and said, “Why did you do that?” Kim Min-cheol witnessed the running away and pursued. Jin-suk caught by Kim Min-chul screamed that he was a victim. 

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