OCN on cable channel broadcast on the 8th In the new drama ‘Save the World 2’, Goamadam (Han Sun-hwa) witnessed Kim Young-seon 

The moon was selected as a submerged area on the day. The villagers were divided into opposition and opposition, and the goal of the conflict was deepening. The opponent, Bae-hyun, left the village and threatened to die.

Choi Kyeong-seok (Chun Ho-jin) came to the mystery of the month. It was the tie that helped the past sickness (Sung Hyuk) in the past. Choi mentioned the law to the fisherman, and the fisherman calmed down and retreated. Lee Jang (Im Hae-ryung) asked Choi Kyung-suk to help out with the villagers in the sense that he was a professor of law school.

Choi Kyung-suk said, “Anyone who falls here will be able to make a wise choice.” Choi Kyung-suk said, “We should receive as much compensation as possible, three times the price.”

Lee said, “Professor, please stay for a few days for our village.” Other villagers were asked to stay with Choi Kyung-seok, and Choi Kyung-seok was forced to go to an empty house.

The next day, Lee Kyung-suk stepped on the horse in front of the chief. Choi Kyung-suk, who said he would double the price of the official publication, told the director, “Do you think it is only twice as good?” The chief director said he would review the compensation, and the villagers thanked him for bowing his head.Since then, Choi Kyung Suk has declared that he is a church elder, and that he should leave the village saying that he has something to recognize. At that time, I knew that Choi Kyung Suk was looking for the place of the new church, and told him to build it on the moon.

Meanwhile, police officer Chang (Jo Jae-yoon) grinded the revenge of the blade to Kim Min-chul (umitagu) who is serving in prison. The police officer threatened Kim Min-cheol, “If you see me, I will put it back even if I cross it.” But Kim Min – cheol said, “You are a bitch, you mean lad, you can not win me, I can kill you right now.

Kim Min-cheol, who was released afterwards, turned to his hometown, Wolmi-ri. Seong Cheol Woo (Kim Young Min) also got a suggestion from Choi Kyung Suk and arrived at Wolmi. Kim helped Sung Chul Woo in danger. Sungcheol Woo said, “Thank you for your help,” but Kim Minchul shouted, “I have to give you a wallet, I saved you now.”

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