KBS 2TV ‘Season of the Sun’ broadcasted on the 11th, Kim Yu-wol (min Oh Chang-suk) is depicted as a murderer’s frame.

On this day, Im Mi-ran (Sang-sook) told Yun Si-wol (Yoon So-yi) that “Kim Yu-wol did not kill Hwang Jae-bok (Hwang Beom-sik). A transcript was sent. 

Choi Tae-jun was in danger of being arrested and quickly escaped.

In addition, when Im Mi-ran disappeared, Chae Deok-sil (Haeun-eun) went to Choi Kwang-il (Choi Seong-jae) and was angry. He went on to say, “Your father is looking for the police and your mother is looking for you. If something happens to my mother, I won’t let you go. I’ll kill you.”

Im missing her whereabouts, she called her daughter Chae Deok-sil and said, “Mom, you are good. Don’t worry. Choi also told Choi Kwang-il, “Don’t worry because it’s in a safe place. I’ll be leaving overseas soon.

Jang Wol-cheon then invited Kim Yu-wol to the breakfast of all the family members and declared that he would accept him as a real family.

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