On the 14th KBS2 daily drama ‘Season of the Sun’, a year after Yu (Ochang) and Seowol (Yoon Soi) were drawn.

Seowol and Gwangil are in a happy marriage. On this day, Kwang Il, as a representative, created a new business and said, “I do not know which dance to dance. I am starting now, and it will be better. ”

Seowal said, “The employees. “I do not know if I’m going to sleep or sleep in the daytime and play Internet games at night,” he said.

Kwon Il Seowall says he can not monitor his employees 24 hours a day. “It’s free, but you can not make the company a staff playground. Even some employees were making homepages at work time. So management is important, “he advised.

Prior to that, Seoil had a bold solution to the disposal of stale affiliates, which has earned the likes of Jung Hee and Tae Jun.

On the other hand, June also succeeded in self-reliance. June, who entered the office of Jae-bok through Deoksil (Hashim), focused on stock study for one year.

As a result, it succeeded in paying 10 times in just one year. To pay back the money I have borrowed from my grandfather, “I am the principal and interest I borrowed. I kept my promise, “he laughed. “You are great. I am more impressed with the import rate than I am. ”

Jae-bok also said, “Will not you fill the stone? I want my money to be called. Can you do it? ”

June accepted this, “I have a favor. Please make my identity. ”

Look for the sunny side with the sunshine. ” In the future, I am going to earn more than you guys. “The picture of June promising revenge prompted me to wonder about the development.

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