On January 19, KBS 2TV daily drama “The Season of the Sun” (Ahn Jae-hyun, Shin Sang-yun, and Kim Won-yong) directed by Oh Ji-sung (Oh Chang-seok) and Yun Seowol I was drawn to the scene of a relationship.

Yun Seowol met with Han Tae-pyo, a food specialist, for the purchase of Simmy Food. However, Han said that he had just talked with Sun Holdings and said, “Sun Holdings said that I would buy it at the amount I requested.” Yun Seok-wol, who heard them, went to Oh Tae Yang with anger.

Yoon Si-wol, who met with Oh Tae-yang, said, “You said you wanted to buy a stake in Han-Taek? Oh Tae Yang said, “Do not mistake it, I’m not doing this because of you.” Yun Seowol asked Oh Tae-yang why he was doing this. “I have forgotten about the past,” he said. “Aesthetic food was a company that sponsored a nursery school that I grew up in. I gave it a scholarship until I graduated from college.”

“But now we need aesthetic food,” said Yunhwol. “We can buy it and save the aesthetic food,” he said. However, Oh Tae-yang said, “Do you live in Yangji?” Yunhyeol continued to shout at Othyang that he would be out of the business. However, Oh Tae-yang did not decisively turn around.

Hong Ji-eun, who passed by the scene where the two men were fighting each other, witnessed. Hong Ji-eun rushed to her husband Min-jae Park (Jikan-chan) and informed the two of them. In addition, Hong Ji-eun and Park Min-jae headed to the house to drive out Yunshiwol.

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