The special program ‘Do you know Kim Ji-mi’ was held at Nampo-dong Beef Square in Busan on the 4th. Ahn Seong-ki attended the program as a special guest Kim Ji-mi.

Actor Kim Ji-mi is a legendary actor who has appeared in more than 700 films, working with directors who deal with Korea including Kim Ki-young and Im Kwon-taek. He has also been recognized for his acting power by winning numerous film festivals including the Asian Film Festival and Daejongsang Film Festival. He also worked as a filmmaker in the 1980s and 1990s.

Kim Ji-mi said, “I came here because of the love of the audience.” He greatly admired Busan’s passion for movies. “The passion of the citizens of Busan is great. It’s polar. Because of that enthusiasm, Busan seems to have come to mind at international film festivals. ”

Ahn Sung-ki, who attended as a special guest, made his debut with Kim Ji-mi through Kim Ki-young’s Twilight Train, which was produced in 1957. Kim Ji-mi said, “When I was 17 years old, I was picked up by director Kim Ki-young and became an actor. At that time I was a nursery nurse. Ahn Sung-gi was five years old at the time and was an orphan. ” He also said, “It looks like a senior, but it’s actually my debut colleague.”

Ahn Sung-ki asked the memory of Kim Ji-mi when he made his debut, saying that “I’m really too young to remember anything.” “I still remember it was pretty,” he said. Like Ahn Sung-ki’s words, Kim Ji-mi was loved by the public for his unappreciated beauty so that she could catch up with such acclaim as ‘the star of beauty that is difficult to appear once in 100 years’.

Kim Ji-mi, who was an actress, was a filmmaker and also produced ‘Weed’ by Lim Kwon-taek. In response, Kim Ji-mi said, “A 17-year-old girl became acquainted with the movie because she grew older without knowing the world.”

“We lived in generations of disadvantage. Every time the regime changed, the laws of the film changed, and the regulations were severe. ” As a result, female actors had little room. ” He said he lost his job over the situation. In this situation, Kim made a film company called Jimmy Film.

He also became president of the Film Society’s Association, saying, “It was a time when many filmmakers were frustrated and wandered. They asked me to get out for the film industry. ”“ I had more help than I could have. ” He said that because of the virtue of many filmmakers, he was short for them but had to lead himself.

Ahn Sung-ki said, “The seniors had a lot of work outside the movie.” “As the times have changed, cinema has become free and its capital has grown. However, the seniors who struggled and tried hardly did not enjoy the benefits and became their juniors. ” For this reason, Ahn Sung-ki told her juniors that they would be grateful to the seniors who created the current film world.

In particular, Kim Ji-mi asked how he felt when watching a female filmmaker who works in the film industry. “If you’re a filmmaker, you can be a woman or a man,” he said.

“I tell the actress to end everything with an actor. If you don’t try, you won’t be first class. If you are a good actor, there is no distinction between men and women. ”“ With pride, go see acting with pride. “Do not look at the world.”

The Pusan ​​International Film Festival will screen six works representing Kim’s life for free through co-organization with the Korea Film Archive.

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