Kang Ho-dong added Chung Kuk-soo as a new menu and received favorable reviews, but he did not get explosive reactions.

On the afternoon of the 14th, TVN entertainment program “Seo Jukkie Abdul Kang Restaurant 2” (hereinafter referred to as “Kang Restaurant 2”), the second day of the members’ business and the third day were broadcast.

On the second day of commencement of business, Gangho-dong ordered the affirmative saying “I am cruising, not embarrassed,” in the situation where the noodles are not selling well. After making the mistake of pulling the whole dough into cotton, he said, “It might be more delicious.” Minho made ice water and admired the “ice water (ice) quality is too good.” Then, Ahn Jae-hyun focused on cooking with a soulful expression and laughed. As such, the members of each member of the kitchen played a pale.

Pio was responsible for the new menu Kimchi rice. I was wondering where the table I was ordering was serving. Minho said to Pio, “Do you have a kimchi? Friendship shines in the middle of busy.

Lee Soo-keun comforted Kang Ho-dong by saying, “I seem to have met the season wrong.” However, Kang Ho-dong said, “You should not blame the weather.

Minho and Eun Ji Won decided to sell the new dessert menu “Ice Flower Concentric”, which was sold out because of the popularity of the bean curd. Minho said he thought about the birthday of “Ice Flower Concentric” and came up with a child’s day, and said that adults also named him in the sense of recovering his spirit. The topping of ice cream was topping, chocolate balls, and the menu was 1,000 won. All of the guests said “It is delicious”.

After Gangho-dong finished his cooking, a cooking researcher asked Baek Jong-won to help him, saying, “Gyeongju weather has risen to 30 degrees today.” I explained the background of poor sales of noodles and wanted a plan. Baek Jong-won said, “The hot soup is not sold if it is hotter.”

Then Baek Jong-won transferred the recipe to Chongkuk-suk on the currency. The cold broth gave me instructions on how to make the spices because it can turn around. Baek Jong-won, after passing the secret law, “If you do not contact me,” he said he was on the business trip. The members were amazed to say, “Let me know immediately.”

Kang Ho-dong went on to practice recipe that Baek Jong-won announced that evening. Minho and Eun Ji Dessert team also practiced cooking cookies.

Third day of sales. Kang Ho – dong had hoped for a silver coin at the start of Chun Kook – Soo, but the temperature dropped from the previous day and the weather suddenly clouded. Kang Ho – dong burst out laughing and said, “If you do not want to lose, you should not be lucky.” Soon Chun-soo was made and the members’ tasting continued. Eun Ji-won announced that “sesame oil has got too much”, “I have to add more radish,” and “sesame oil is better than two drops.” Gang Ho-dong said, “I was greedy.”

Eun Ji-won discovered something strange before the commencement of business. The table has increased. The crew added two tables to increase turnover. Soon Chong started work and Chun Kook-su was launched in earnest. The guests responded, “It is not irritating and delicious,” and “It is really OK.” Even in the inclement weather, the guests did not stop, and it was a crowd.

Meanwhile, tvN ‘River Restaurant 2’ is broadcast every Friday at 9:10 pm.

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