Actor Seo Min-jung appeared as a guest in KBS 2TV entertainment program ‘Ocktopbang Problem Son’ broadcasted on August 26.

On that day, Seo Min-jung was unfortunately surprised that “Kim Yong-man asked me to give me a guarantee two years ago” while revealing his past ties with MCs. Seo Min-jung said, “I was surprised and told my husband, ‘Mr. Kim Yong-man would like to give me a guarantee.’

Kim Yong-man reminded me, “Ah Dohyun is a guarantee.” “A son Dohyun needed a US financial guarantor when he went to study in the United States. I needed the name and phone number of someone I know in the United States. ” When Min Kyung-hoon said, “It’s not a guarantee,” Kim Yong-man added, “Human guarantee.”

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