Bass voice to the impression. Clearly, calligraphy papers have a deeper and wider appeal than visible images. If he meets the horror genre? Perhaps <Amjeon> might be of interest to the actors who appear with genre fun.

Unlike its appearance, calligraphy recently threw itself into heavy and rather dark works. “I get pressed by scissors every time I shoot,” he said in the field. He captivated viewers with his tongue-along acting in the drama Save Me, where he played Mijeong, a horror film director who is full of debut desires. In the process of trying to steal a horror movie with a terrible story, an undecided desire becomes mad, and the film unleashes the change in a horror genre.

“Watching a movie ping tears …”

<Amjeon> is Kim Jin-won’s commercial film debut. Mi-jung in the movie can be seen as a character that reflects the director’s past. Calligraphy “experienced the director once,” he explained the immersion process.

“I saw you in person and I thought about the character. I wanted to do it. I usually ask the director to wonder about the actor. I asked a lot of questions. Why are you interested in ghosts, how much you love horror movies, etc.? In fact, I like horror and thriller, but I think it’s more of a thriller than a ghost story, but I have a lot of VOD’s, like Charlize Theron’s Monsters, Opons, and The You. I think I learn a lot from thriller movies.

Mi-jung, who was born so dug and dug, wears glasses with thick lenses on his face without a toilet. In fact, calligraphy, which has very poor eyesight, repeatedly puts the glasses on and off, and also reflected the unclearness of objects because the lenses are not worn in everyday life. Of course, I have never wanted something mad enough to feel like madness, but it seems to be a real person in a movie. Most of the scenes of jumping, falling, and rolling in the film are said to have been played without a band. 

In addition, the calligraphy was expressed directly by calligraphy ghosts trying to get through each shooting staff. It was the result of accepting the director’s suggestion, “As a ghost with madness and twisted aspirations, it should be similar to an undefined voice.”

“The ghost recording was really without any thought. The bishop wanted a bizarre sound that I had never heard before, and I thought something might sound like a mechanical voice. In fact, I have never had a twisted desire to actually harm others (laughs), except for acting, I tend to give up quickly if I can’t do it. Eat only what you eat. ” 

I was so immersed that my fitness fell and I suffered a leg injury at the hostel. For this reason, the calligraphy paper directly suggested that the undecided part of the latter part correct the ghost harm with a leg. Is it because of such a hard work. Calligraphy magazine, which watched the film in a press release on the 8th, confessed that “the tears have gone round.”  


“I’m back for acting.”
This immersion is one of the advantages of calligraphy as an actor. Although it seems to be bothering themselves, the reality of the work is so great in the work. Recently, a lot of scissors are being pressed down to make such a dark and heavy work. He said, “I think I’m trying to make my work more active even if I want to get away from it.”

“I don’t go out well. It’s more comfortable than it seems. It’s always been like that. I watch movies at home, I like coffee. And one day I’m crying because I think it’s a waste to spend so much time. I like the way I’m in the traditional world, and I’m making soap too natural, and I really want to go on a trip, but I miss the time, I did <Quantum Physics> right after the filming. I also film <Tomorrow’s Memory>. I went to Thailand with the staff last year, and it was great. I am also greedy and want to do it anytime.

Now debut seven years. At the time of his debut with tvN sitcom <Potato by 2013QR3>, he has accumulated a lot of work from calligraphy papers until now. Recently, the genre has been digested in succession and has a rather heavy image, but this is also his choice. If he refused several casting proposals after studying in Spain, it would be a result of his decent standing as an actor. 

“At the time, I didn’t think of the original (entertainment side) because I refused, and if people listen to repeated words, I’m curious. If you didn’t do it, you’d ask what you would have done, and it’s hard to answer what you said every time, and the story of giving up the announcer is a bit of an exaggeration.

When I went to <Potato Star>, I thought, ‘Oh, I’ve returned to act.’ The reason why it’s hard to say is that it’s not easy, but it’s because it’s troubled. In my case, rather than having fun in acting, I see the director and the monitor after the scene, and when I am praised by the staff, I am glad. There seems to be an attraction to acting in itself, revealing the various egos in me. The bass voice also feels a bit uncomfortable to me in my 20s, but after 30, I think it goes a little bit.

Stamina raises, and shows wider acting. Calligraphy papers are what you want now. Through <Dark War>, you will be able to meet various expressions and character acts that calligraphy paper has not seen. “This movie is cute in big movies. It’s cute. I’ll see you again in the audience,” he laughed. 
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