A celebration wave is continuing for Seo-yi Lee, who has expressed his private life which is sensitive even in broadcasting.

Seo Yi is scheduled to marry a non-entertaining boyfriend this year. On the 31st, OSEN said, “Seo Yi is married in the middle of the year. 

Seo Yi-rae revealed his devotion in “Happy Together 4”, a KBS 2TV entertainment program broadcast on the last two days. Seo Yi-ryou mentioned a man who understands his game to ask his ideal type, and he confessed that he was meeting his boyfriend. Seo Yi-ryu said, “My boyfriend is not very good, I’m buying a lot of games rather than playing games.

And today, it is reported that Seo Yi is preparing to marry his boyfriend who confessed that he is in love with “Happy Together 4”. Seo Yi-ryu is known in MBC Everly ‘Video Star’ by presenting her full story from her meeting with her boyfriend to preparing for marriage.

Soo-ji PD, who was at the scene, said to OSEN on the day, “It is not easy to reveal personal affairs on the air, but she told me so beautifully prettier bride, pretty, loving, and so envious. “He said.

“I am a friend who has suffered from the pain of Seo-yuri, and he told me truthfully about the process of making a marriage from the moment I got acquainted with him.” It seems like he will get impressed and feel happy when he sees it. It looks like you are looking forward to seeing it, and for those who are dreaming of marriage, it is likely to receive good energy. ” 

In fact, it is a burden to convey the facts of marriage and marriage news at intervals of one month. However, Seo Yi Ri, from a confession of admiration to marriage announcement, appeared without a hiding in the broadcasting. Because he is a westerner who has been loved for many times because of his frank attitude and sharp character, his fans are blessing his marriage even more. 

Seo Yi-ryu made his debut in 2008 with Daewon Broadcasting Sungwoo Broadcasting, and has been active as an actor in various anime and games. Since then, he has appeared in MBC entertainment program ‘My Little TV’ and has been loved by many people. 

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