On this day, Seo – yuri explained about the hypertrophy and hyperplasia that recently picked up the topic. Seoyu Lee, who had suffered from hyperthyroidism three years ago, was caught up in the “boorish” because of the self-made photo of SNS after the cure recently.

So, Yoo-yeul said, “I do not upload any photographs that come out well on the SNS, so I uploaded a good photo, and when I uploaded the photo, “He said,” I did not make it. “

Seoyoung has suffered from hyperthyroidism for three years and explained that he had received only four thyroid-related operations. Seo Yi-ryu said, “I was in a bad luck case, I was not able to treat it, and I ordered surgery. I do not have a thyroid now. “I had four big surgeries to pull out the fat tissue and put my eyes back on it.” “I thought you would have comforted me when I came back from curing the illness.” “You fixed it?” I think I am uploading a picture that came out well with compensation, “he said.

Especially on this day, Seo – yuri confessed his boyfriend ‘s presence and attracted attention. Seo Yi-eul confessed that he liked the game so much that he disclosed the episode that he mentioned about the game during sleep endoscopy.

So the MCs asked ‘How are your good young boys in the game’ in the West, and Seo Yi-ryu has a “Boyfriend” and he has revealed his devotion to him. Seo Yi-ryu said, “I just met him, he is a man who lives a lot of games.

In addition, Seo was surprised by the fact that it was the main character of the voice recognition platform of the smartphone Vicks boo. Seoweuri, who recorded five times a week for four hours a day for one year, was instantly impressed with the voice of Bixbee.

Finally, Seo Yi-ryu said, “I feel sorry that I have not seen many good things in the past, so I am sorry to see you again.”

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