MBC FM4U, which was broadcasted on the 5th, ‘Seung Kyung Gu and Jeon Do Yeon appeared in’ Music Camp of Bae Chul-soo ‘.

On this day, Sung Kyung-gu opened his mouth for his name. When Bok Cheol-soo says, “Seong Kyung-koo is a bit difficult to pronounce his name,” Seong Kyung-koo said, “It seems to be because of his sex.” He says a lot of Seol Kyung-kyu. “He said. Jeon said, “My name is the name of a man, I know,” he added.

Jeon Do-yeon was surprised to find out that he was older than Sung Kyung-gu. Bok Cheol-soo asked, “Is Mr. Jeon Do-yeon more senior than Sul Kyung-gu?” And Jeon Do-yeon replied, “I am a senior.” Jeon Do – yeon explains, “It ‘s only in the movie, and in the play, Sung Kyung – koo will be more senior. Then, Bok Cheol-su said, “Even though my debut two is early, I am not a senior than a music camp.”

Jeon Do-yeon said about his childhood dream. “I was not dreaming to learn because I was not a beautiful figure. It was a dream to be a good mother to get married soon after I was a child,” said Bok Cheol-soo.

“I think it is because I was forced to be a good mother when I was a child at that time,” said Jeon Do-yeon, who said, “It was just a dream that was really good at it.” So he asked again, “Is it a dream to live hard now?” And Jeon Do-yeon said, “Do not do it now.”

Sung Kyung-gu told about the casting of Jeon Do-yeon. Sung Kyung-gu said, “As soon as I receive the book of ‘Birthday,’ I thought it would be a good match for Jeon Do-yeon.” I asked him if he had sent a book to Jeon Do-yeon. “I was so thankful to hear that you will do it later,” he said.

Sul Kyung Gu and Jeon Do Yeon praised each other. Seong Kyung-koo said, “Jeon Do-yeon is like an actor from the first name,” he said, “I think he becomes more embracing as the sun goes down.” In the interview, he said, “Jeon Do-yeon seems to be a master.” I expect to see more of it later. ”

It is hard for Jeon Do-yeon to say, “As time goes by, I eat my age finely,” Seong Kyung-koo seems to be like that, and I feel like my brother when we are young .

Jeon Do-yeon opened his mouth about the secret of skin. “I do not know if it’s an obvious question, but I thought I managed to ride it,” said Jeon Do-yeon, who answered, “It looks like I managed to ride and ride.” So, Sung Kyung-gu said, “I feel like my 20’s and my skin are the same now.”

Seol Gyu-gu has released the nickname “Ji-cheon-myeong idol.” Jeon said, “Seol Gyeong-gu’s nickname is ‘Ji-bin idol’,” and Sul Kyung-gu said, “I was the first fan meeting since I was 50 years old.” Then, Bok Cheol-soo, “Here comes a flower to come to the sword,” he proved the popularity of sulgyeonggu.

Jeon Do-yeon and Sul Kyung-gu revealed the criteria for selecting works. Jeon says, “The scenario is the first priority. Because the boss uses the scenario, if the scenario is good, the belief about the bishop is created.” Seol Kyung-gu said, “I also like the scenario first,” but “Nowadays, I also think about the face of the character, what kind of life I have bought, and I think about his face. Explained.

‘Birthday’ is a story about sharing the memories of those left behind on the birthday of the son who left the world on April 16, 2014. Our family, friends and neighbors all gather together to remember the birthday of a precious child who has left us, and have truly embraced our promise not to forget forever. It is being screened on the last three days.

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