The movie ‘Birthday’ (director Lee Jong-eon) was screened at the CGV Yongsan Ipark Mall in Yongsan-gu, Seoul on the 18th. The event was attended by actors Seol Kyung-koo, Jeon Do-yeon and Lee Jong-un.

‘Birthday’ is a story about sharing the memories of those left behind on the birthday of the son who left the world on April 16, 2014.

Lee Jong-seon said, “I started worrying from the beginning, but I was not worried about making it because I wanted to make it, but it was made with such efforts, and I thought that if I did my best in this process, I would not have another wound. It was big. It seemed to be careful in the making process. ”

“I think that you will feel it because it is a big scar, and of course you can say that, and there are many such people,” he said, saying, “Jeon Do-yeon came to the birthday” “It was impressive,” he said.

Jeon said, “I am worried about how this work will be shown to the audience and I have not slept so much. I guess I will wait for it to open.” Especially when I shoot a birthday scene, not only the guardian family but everyone is the main character. I felt like I could cry a lot and be sad and exhausted, but it seemed like each other was getting stronger with each other, so I could shoot well. ”

“I have a heartfelt desire that the audience will sincerely wish to be together for the birthday meeting,” said Seol Kyung-gu, “I had a lot of trouble when I met this work. The poet wrote a poet, and the novelist wrote a novel and a memorial song, and we thought that there were no movies in the movie. “I said.

Then he said, “Of course, it was an emotionally hard work, but rather than suppressing the emotion, I was trying to suppress it as much as possible.”

Director Lee said, “I volunteered in Ansan in 2015. To meet a child’s birthday, I meet my parents for about three weeks and I get to know more, when it was not long ago. I had a lot of troubles at the start, but I had a lot of mind to make it, so I wanted to show it to many people, I made it. ”

“I think that these people are great, including investors, producers, staffs, and two actors who have acted together when I made this, and I have done my best with great courage.” “It is an honor to have Seong Kyung Gu and Jeon Do Yeon together. “He added.
This director continued to talk coolly about the most important part of his birthday. He said, “I tried to do as much as I can, but if I go to Ansan, I have a lot of coalitions like setting in the drama. I wanted to give comfort to the big ones, which is a big direction of this movie. ”

Sul Kyung-gu and Jeon Do-yeon showed affection and faith for each other. The two people came to participate in this work after deliberation, and they pressed it with heart. Jeon said, “I have already done one work in the past, so I feel like my brother, so I can accept any emotions and feelings. “I do not know how delighted and thankful it was for Chun Do-yeon,” said Seol Kyung-koo. “I have a heartfelt desire that many people attend the birthday party that we invited and would like to join them. I hope that the wounded will comfort those who are hurt, comfort and comfort each other, and that the small waves will be a great force. ”

Finally, Jeon Do-yeon said, “It’s the same as my bishop, I said it’s too shaky this morning, it’s not a film that made me sick more for people who are sick, and I want to be stronger. “He added.

Released on April 3.

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