Anton, Sane, and Kun appeared as booming radio guests.

The TVN entertainment program ‘Seoul Mate 3’, which aired on the 5th, shows the boom, Oh Sang-jin and Kim So-young couples and their mates who make memories in Korea.

Boom set out on a true charcoal kiln experience with mates. Mates who saw sweetened charcoal were surprised, “like lava.” The mates seated in front of the charcoal were relaxed with far infrared rays. The mates tasted sikhye in the bulguma. The mates admired the sweet taste of Sikhye.

The tired friends headed for a booming radio station. Anton sat on the boom and immediately challenged the progression, and the MCs marveled at his surprisingly stable skills. Kuhn also boasted a sweet voice.

The broadcast began, and as the mates watched, the boom continued to show its distinctive excitement. During the break, Boom suggested that the mates should appear together as guests. As the first guest, Anton greeted him as if he was nervous as soon as the broadcast began. Boom and Anton conducted a K-Pop quiz. When Anton hums as he hears the song, the listeners guess. Anton admired the sound and pronunciation. Anton then presented an exciting lip sync to Maroon Five’s ‘sugar’. As a result, Anton also made a name for real-time search of portal site. Kuhn and Sane also joined the studio, and they burst into tune with BTS ‘IDOL’.

Oh Sang-Jin and So-Young Kim prepared a special event for the Donel Dinola family. Korean traditional wedding is prepared for the couple who did not get married properly. In the news of the surprise, Dino lamented tears, and Donnel made a deep confession by wiping Dino’s tears. The two met again after they returned to their wedding service. Gabriel also followed her mother in a series. With over 500 guests watching, Dino and Donnell seemed very nervous when heading to the restaurant. First, Donnell proceeded slowly with the help of Oh Sang-jin.

Dinora then came in, and Donnel promised love in front of many guests, “Thank you, I am finished. I taught me how to be a real man. Dinora confessed his love, “Thank you for coming to my life and for giving birth to our beautiful Gabriel,” and “I think you are perfecting me.

After the wedding, the two headed for Suwon’s specialty, Chicken Alley. They ordered the king chops, chicken, and seasoned half-fried half-chicken, which became famous for the movie “Extreme”. Oh Sang-jin gave me a recipe called ‘Army’. It’s a strange combination of bread, chicken, strawberry jam, and salad, but this recipe struck the taste of the Donnell family. In particular, Dino chose Korean chicken instead of Donnel’s chicken and admired, “I think I’ll come back to Korea to eat chicken.”

Then Donnell solved the karaoke list on his wish list. There was a karaoke machine in the chicken house. Donnell presented Serenade for Dinora with Ed Sheeran’s ‘perfect’. At the end of the day, Donnel and Dinora said, “Thank you for being the best host.” Oh Sang-jin and Kim So-young gave a pair of geese and family caricatures as a gift for the two.

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