A new host Yura appeared on tvN ‘Seoul Mate 3’, which was broadcast on the 12th.

Yura said, “I don’t have any foreign friends. I personally want to make foreign friends.”

Since then, Yura’s house has been released. The warmly decorated bedroom and the neat kitchen attracted the attention. In particular, Yura said, “I like to come to play friends and have a home party, so I gave up the dressing room and decorated the room as a guest room.”

Asking the manager to pick up the mates, Yura carefully prepared doenjang-jjigae, kimchi fried rice, and ice cream for those who would be the first foreign friends of her life. The mate Brittany and Rivero met the manager at the airport and headed for Jura’s house.

Yura expressed his excitement when the mates arrived in front of her house and greeted her. Yura introduced the guest room to her mates. In particular, Yura forgot about Kimchi fried rice placed on induction in the excitement of meeting foreign friends. Later I knew that I went to first aid. Mates said, “It smells good. It doesn’t smell like burnt.” Yura’s welcome food was a huge success.

Yura and his mate’s first visit is K-Tigers’ Taekwondo Dojang. K-Tigers is a K-Pop performance group that combines Taekwondo, and is supported by overseas K-pop fans with over 1 million YouTube subscribers.

Afterwards, Yura and his mate caught the attention of viewers by completely dissolving the choreography that combined Taekwondo with K-pop dance.

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