Kwon Jung-rok said, “I want to give you a chance to work as a secretary. Let’s start from the beginning.” I was sincerely glad to hear that the momentum of a huge law firm secretary tongued the workload. However, I tried hard by watching the trial and studying civil law and criminal law.

Kwon Jung-rook proposed to go to the place to go to see the lawyer senior. Oh, the heart was not covered with sunglasses and masks so that he could not be identified, and he was armed with all kinds of training suits for the athletics competition. The lawyer tried to take off his mask, and Kwon Jeong-rok, who discovered it, said, “Do not be rude to my secretary.”

Kwon Jung-rok was charged with the defense of Kim Yoon-ha, a high school girl who was accused of fraud, and Oh Jin-sik went to receive a petition with Kim Yoon-hane. Kim Yoon-ha, who was accused of lending money to a member of the idol group, continued to lie to Kwon Jeong-rok and the case became more difficult to resolve. Kwon Jung-rok persuaded, “Your attitude sounds like helping me. I am the only one who can help you in the trial.

I was angry with Kim Yoon – ha, who was angry at Kim ‘s lies, and Kwon Jung – rok, saying, “Do not be emotional, this attitude does not help at all. Somehow he was willing to help, and he was saddened by his cold attitude.

Actually, Kim Yoon-ha was a yearly project manager, but because of poor family situation, he did not show up in the practice room and eventually he was expelled from the agency. It was not a lie that I fell in love with an idol member. Oh sincer, who got to know it, worked hard with Kwon Jung – rok to defend Kim Yoon – ha.

“I do not want to be loved, but I am not embarrassed,” he said to Kim Yoon-ha, “I am tired of being hard and lonely and lied to you. I’ve been running and everything seems to be over. I feel desperate and I do not think there is any part of you in the world. I am lonely. ”

So, Kim Yoon-ha said, “I was afraid that if I told you the truth about me, I would not be loved, so I lied, and at some moment, the lie grew bigger and bigger.” “Oh, Do not let yourself go. ”

Thanks to Kwon Jung-rok, he found a way to solve Kim Yoon-ha’s innocence. He praised Oh-Sung-sik, “Mr.

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