Jung Eun-ji and Seong-dil signed the TVN ‘Respond 1997,’ in which they played Seongsewon and Seongdongil, respectively, in 2012.

Seong Dong-il said, “Our first baby is invited here, and it feels strange,” and he opened his speech with a testimony to his appearance. Jung Eun-ji said, “It feels so strange.”

Jung Eun-ji said, “I was surprised to hear that you were on the radio.” Seong Dong-il said, “I should come out because my daughter comes out. My father should cheer up. I guess.

Seongdong Il said that Chung Eun-ji usually sends text messages frequently, “It is a great boon to colleagues around me, always reliable.” Chung Eun-ji continued to praise the storm, .

Seongdongil said, “I am now a daughter, but if I express my personal feelings, I seem to have hastened my marriage too much.

Jung Eun-ji also said, “Seong Dong-il is feeling like home. I often think about it, and if the weather is bad, I want to stay well.”

Seong Dong Il said, “The other two daughters have ate (laughs). When someone asks, the first one is always my daughter. Jung Eun-ji is the only one to ask. “

Jung Eunji and Seong Dong Il talked about Shin Won-ho PD and Seung Dong Il’s daughter Bin Wang, who directed the series ‘Respond’.

Seong Dong Il said, “I talked to Shin Won-ho PD before coming to the broadcasting station, and he told me to support him a lot.” He explained why he did not come and that he had a job, explaining why Shinwon PD did not attend ‘Yayoi Square’.

Seongdong Il, who believed in Shin Won-ho PD only in the “Let’s Answer” series, said, “I have met long time ago before responding to Shin Won-ho PD.” I met him when he appeared for a while in the performing arts, “He said.

Chung Eun-jee, who listened to a letter from one of the listeners saying, “This is a parent of the school where Bin Yang is attending, is a fan of Seongdongil,” said Seung Dong-il, “Being is already in school.”

Jung Eunji said, “I’ve been asked about my daughter but I did not have any questions about my spouse. I asked if there was a male actor who wanted her to become a spouse.”

Seongdongil said, “I like a good friend like a civil servant. I love my daughter and I do not want anything like this.” “There is no weapon as loyal as living, and a sincere man is the best.”

Jung Eun-ji said in an interview with the listener that he wanted to talk to his father, who was not drunk, saying, “Is this Lee Bai’s name changed?” And Sung Dong-il laughed. 

“I met my wife and children for 40 days after filming in Busan, and I usually talk to them frequently, always asking about what happened at school, what happened at home, and so on.”

Lastly, Seongdongil said, “I wanted to do well when I heard Jung Eunji is doing this. I did not give praise to Jung Eunji for saying that I was good at being a young friend who has good conversation with people of my age and a friend who is comfortable with young friends.

“I want to come out again in 10 years.” When Jung Eunji gets tired once, he will come and give me a vitamin. “Jung Eun-ji said,” I will keep my seat well for 10 years. “I answered and said good-bye.

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