The Korean representative Shin Myung-hee, who appeared on the popular comedy program “Humor No. 1” corner “Sri Lankan couple” in the 80’s popular culture TV program “Life Docy My Way” broadcasted last 3 days, appeared.

Shin Young-hee said, “I was married at 22 years old. At that time, the husband disliked to go out and shout because he was patriarchal. He said, “I did not have a man to love because I made money and live my life.” He explained why he was divorced from his first husband. Shin had a first husband and a daughter and divorced after marriage in three or four years.

In 1992, he married again, but he said it was not smooth. Shin Young-hee said, “I found out later that I had a debt to my husband, and I paid almost all of my husband’s debt.

Shin-young-hee said, “I had Wonju Villa, and the one who drives me said, ‘Sir, it is strange that my father often comes to the villa.’ So I found out that the cottage was in front of me. I said, “If you do not do it, you will be put down by the nomination, and then I turned it over to you.”

“I needed money to meet a young woman.” “After divorcing my ex-husband, I heard stories from here and there.” I found out that my husband had not gone with my girlfriend. My ex-husband said he had done the same to make an affair.

After 14 years, she decided to divorce her ex-husband. But my ex-husband made it difficult until after the divorce.

Shin Young-hee said, “After divorce, my brother-in-law,” Brother, do not be surprised. “My husband was suing 300 million won for alimony. It ended with 53 million won, “he said.

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