A car with an actor and a staff member in a newly emerging school has been contacted on the 26th, but it has been confirmed that there is no major casualty. The performance was canceled on the 26th, while the performance on 27th is expected to be watched more.

On April 26, the afternoon of April 4th, a musical “Shinhung Independent School” actor and staff car collided with another vehicle near Shinseam-dong, Seoul. Fortunately, it was not a big accident and there were no casualties, but the production company canceled the performance on that day.

“The actors were in contact with the vehicle during the moving of the venue,” said ShoNot, the manufacturer of the “Shinhung Independent School”. Officials said, “I decided to cancel the show today inevitably in order to check the condition and check the health condition.” He said.

In addition, a full refund is already underway for tickets already sold.

“We apologize deeply for the inconvenience, and we will refund all fees for the audience who pre-booked the show today. We will show you more details about the refund during the callback. “He said.

On the first day of the show on the 26th, the river sky, Infinite Sung Kyu, and Goh Sung-sung were scheduled to be on the stage, and they were riding in a vehicle with a contact accident.

“I was told by OSEN that I was in a car accident while I was in a car accident,” Sung-gyu’s body did not have any problems or injuries.

It was confirmed by a slight abrasion or bruise, but the performance was not confirmed on the 27th. Currently, two performances are planned at 3 pm and 8 pm.

“I think that most of the actors and staff have returned to the hospital after having a medical checkup at the hospital,” a Shanot side official said. “I can not make a decision on the 27th performance immediately. It seems, “he said.

On the other hand, the Army’s creative musical ‘Shinhung Attending School’ is a story about the fierce life for the independence of the people who lived in a cataclysmic era with the background of the Shinhung Independent School which became the roots of the ROK Army. It is a story of ordinary youths who gave everything in order to regain the country that was rebelled against the Japanese imperialists and deprived of it.


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