In TVN ‘Shinseo Organic 7’, which was broadcasted on the 1st, various games were played with special products.

On that day, the ‘special water boat character quiz’ proceeded in turn with the remaining special products, but all failed. For Cho Kyu-hyun, who was wrong between Song-in and Yu-jin, the members became distant and distant, but Kang Ho-dong didn’t recognize the idealization, and the joy was crossed. Kang Ho-dong confessed to the incorrect answer, “Let’s press conference.” Eventually he missed all the specialties and ended up having dinner with ramen.

Before falling asleep, the members drew cards in turn for the weather mission prepared by Na Young-seok PD. Cho Kyu-hyun was the first to choose a bank. As the smell was nasty, all members expected the bank from the start. Pio chose ‘night’, Lee Soo-keun’s ‘apple’, Song Min-ho’s ‘amber’ and Kang Ho-dong’s ‘rice’.

They hid in their own way, but they were all arrested in an instant. However, Kang Ho-dong found pear juice and eventually failed in all weather missions.

Na Young-seok PD decided to open ‘Nanana store’ for the members who failed the weather mission. Again, the first challenge was Cho Kyu-hyun. Difficulty Choo, who challenged the best character quiz, failed unfortunately.

During the succession, Pio, Lee Soo-geun, and Kang Ho-dong succeeded in eating a delicious breakfast and the other members replaced the breakfast with raw food.

The next program of the ‘Symposium’ was ‘The Tosa Fostering Championship (Sokdae)’. The game that started with Dubai First Class boarding pass, Maldives’s finest resort lodging, and Kenya Nairobi Giraffe hotel lodging was a name that changed the name ‘Cry in Silence’.

Lee Su-geun and Song Min-ho, who challenged for the first time, earned two points by singing utterly with Song Min-ho still. Pio-Gangho-dong screamed as Kangho-dong shook his feet, but Pio didn’t understand at all and barely got the right answer, but he timed out and ended up with zero.

The last was Cho Kyu-hyun and Eun Ji-won. Cho Kyu-hyun was confident but was embarrassed by wearing headphones. However, he won 3 points and finished first.

The prizes were all expected in the Maldives, but cucumbers and carrots continued to come out, so there was no chance for overseas training. With all the energy, Cho Kyu-hyun won the final prize, but said, “The party looks too big?”

But in the notice, Jo Kyu-Hyun was expected to take a chance to study abroad.

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