Knowing each other so well. I was also with Iceland.

The TVN ‘Shinseo Organic 7’, which was first broadcast on the 25th, depicts the members gathering in the Sangam waiting room to shoot the opening. Kyu Hyun was on his way back from his performance in Indonesia.

Kang Ho-dong and Pio chatted for five minutes and asked me to draw my time. Lee Soo-keun said, “If you have a broadcast in 5 minutes, what are you talking about?”

Lee Soo-geun said that he had a hard time flying. Eun Jiwon replied, “What do you mean. Contrary to the saying that they don’t eat sandwiches, the sandwiches ate flat. Eun Ji-won looked at Lee Soo-geun and said, “That’s different from what he says.”

When Kang Ho-dong insisted, “I’ve been thinking about my colleagues all the time,” Eun Ji-won responded with a humorous response, “Shake? Shake to Sihu?”

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