29th OSEN coverage result, tvN entertainment ‘Show! Audio jockey ‘will be extended four times in the original 12 parts to finish the season with 16. It is scheduled to be completed by the end of June because it is broadcasted to 11 times now.

The first show on March 17, ‘Show! Audio Jazz ‘is a program that broadcasts live audio broadcasts of their own charms in a portable open studio where stars transformed into audio jazzies travel around the country. 

I got a lot of attention from the premiere of the show with colorful performances such as Park Myung-su, Sung Si Kyung, Soojin Jin, Boom, and Monster X. The star audio jokies prepared their own contents and got a good response from the corner where the personality of each person such as food,

So the show was finished with more time than planned! Audio jockey ‘to attract the attention of the species.

Meanwhile, ‘Show! Audio Jockey ‘will be broadcast at 6:10 pm on June 2. 

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