In the TVN Monday drama ‘Sa Comet Lee Gee’ 7 episodes broadcasted on the 1st, Eun Ji-soo (Kim Madamsu) told Gang Seong-mo (Kim Kwon), “Do not you two know? Between what? Why do the river inspectors come and let the two go together? ” Kang Seongmo said, “If Ian finds out something like Saikometri, that’s 13 years ago. Yoon Jae-in believes that his father is not a criminal. ”

Eun Ji-soo said, “What if Ian knew his parents were killed by Yoon’s parents?” Kang Sung Mo said, “Even if you get hurt, you have to know the truth. I am desperate to solve homework that I could not solve for a lifetime at once. ”

That visual Ian (Park Jin-young) told Yun Jae-in (Shin Eun-eun), “Why did he kill you? And why did he die again? Kim killed two women. Then I was killed by someone. ” Suddenly, he got a phone call and showed signs of breathing difficulty. My father (Jung Seok-yong) is down.

Ian said, “Do not worry, I will not touch you until you give permission.” Arriving at the hospital, Ian handed the coat and showed his ability to work on the si comet. Yoon Jae-in, who cried in the taxi, said “Dad please do not die”.

Yoon Jae – in who left Ian alone in the ward. My father said, “Go, your father died today. Now I think I have no dad, “he said. Yoon Jae-in asked, “Do not you think it’s unfair to live like this?” But the father said, “It’s worse for you to waste your life because of me. Dad is finished anyway anyway. ”

At this end, Yoon Jae – in said he would take off his father ‘s falsification and said, “It’ s over. Why is it so weak? Daddy did not tell you that he could die because of a small wound if he hurts his wound. I will. So please do not get mad at me, “he cried.

Ian comforted Yoon and returned home. However, Kang Sung Mo ‘s photo was lost and there was a trace of someone breaking into the house. Kang Seong-mo recalled a suspicious man (Lee Seung-jun) of the past and told Ian “I will find him and kill him.” Ian also said, “I will surely find out.”

Eun Ji-su asked Yoon Jae-in to talk about the fire in Yeongseong apartment. Yoon Jae-in claimed that his father was innocent, saying that “the only evidence is the bloody helmet.” Ian lost his parents because of the incident. Nevertheless, it gradually got worse for Yun. I was delighted to spend time with him and I was ashamed to say, “Why share my wrist.”

At the library, Ian studied crime psychology as Yoon Jae – in suggested. I was reading Alexcity Mia, but I did not mind. At that time, Yoon Jae-in emerged and he informed that the dead Kim Gyeong-yong, Kang Hee-sook, and Park Soo-young were involved in the organization of buying and selling status. So they went to the job agency to figure out a murder case.

Two people who pretend to be camouflage employment and enter the tiger cave. Ian found out that the socometry ability was that the employees were drinking soft drinks. The two were trying to get away with it, but the staff member said, “Next time I come next, I will come with you.” Inevitably, Ian and Yoon Jaein ran a fight.

At the end, Eun Ji Su and police arrived. Ian and Yoon Jae – in grabbed their hands and ran away. Yoon Jae-in, who climbed the rooftop, said, “Since I’ve met you again, I have confessed to you that I actually confessed to you that when I see you again, I will leave the roof and leave the rooftop room and confess. “I once again expressed my heart.

Ian also confessed, “You did not find me. I pushed it out and ran away.” Yoon Jae – in said, “Let ‘s take a practical class today.” Ian said, “It’s wrong, it’s not there. It’s where I feel most sensitive.” He said, “I think the most sensitive place was my second finger.”

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