Ben and Park Jae-jung appeared as guests on the corner of ‘Choi Tae-jung’s power time’ on Choi Sang-jung’s Choi Ae-seok, which was broadcasted on the 9th.

On this day, Ben sang the grievance of recording his new song ‘Thank you for leaving’. Ben said, “The composer team who wrote this song came together from the song” I am so devoted. “It seemed to me very well,” but he thought, “Before the song starts, It was so hard that I fought to record. ” 
Park Jae-jung revealed his grievance over writing more than recording. Park Jae-jung said that this album was released from Yoon Jong Shin’s new album and he met a new composer and said he worked with Jung Dong-hwan of Mel Lomography.

“I wrote the lyrics and the company said, ‘What the hell are you talking about?’ In the end, Kim and lyricists made everything except choruses.”

They also talked about how to love. Park Jae-jung said, “It’s been a long time since I’ve understood the position of a separated man.” “I was always ready for love.”

In the meantime, Park Jae-jung said, “I think it is ‘love paradise.'” He said, “It’s a love-all-in style.

Ben also confessed his way of love by saying, “It’s all a problem.”

Both Ben and Park raised expectations for the duet by responding positively to the listener ‘s question,’ I think it would be nice if they could do a duet. ‘

On the other hand, Ben released his mini album ‘Thank you for leaving’ on March 3, and Park Jae-jung has released his album ‘Lyrics’ including the title song ‘If He Can Be Born Again’ on 1st.

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