As a result of OSEN coverage on the 4th, Park Jae-bum and Kim Ha-on finished filming SBS ‘Baek Jong-won’s alley restaurant’. The broadcasts of Park Jae-beom and Kim Ha-oh will be broadcasted in July.

The ‘Alley Restaurant’ is currently on the Wonju Maze Market. Ebidong, Tacos, Kalguksu, and steak houses are pouring beads to get Paek Jong-won’s solution. 

Park Jae-Bum is actively performing with performances including music releases and performances. Park Jae-bum released his new EP album “Natanmatus” on the 2nd. In this album, Kim Ha, Kim Tae, Crush and others participated. 

Kim Ha-on is a high school musician who is represented by Park Jae-bum, and was selected as a new artist of the year in the Korean hip-hop awards 2019. 

‘Alley Restaurant’ is aired every Wednesday at 11:10 pm. 

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