n the afternoon of the 28th, JTBC2 arts program “Night of Eve”, “Miss Trots”, the Three Musketeers, recited their own evil. All of them showed a ‘cool’ reaction.

Songgain said, “I get tired. I could not get a hit song and it would disappear quickly. ” Then I said, “No, I will give you a hit song.” I’m planning to play a hit song when I’m loved by many people.

‘I stood in the Miss Trout match and pointed to the spider, and stretched out. There was also a shocking evil called ‘The bad X of the charge’. Songgain said that this was also ‘no pleasure’. The answer is “I could not reach my feet.”

Songgain said, “I chose my sister at first because I received the same hearty trot and the same heart during the preliminary round. I was chosen because I accepted my sister’s ability and decided to compete with her.” I felt like I was in a bad mood when I saw my older sister in the waiting room when she came to pick me up.

“I was able to understand the heart of this friend when I thought about it,” said Hongjie, who was standing next to him. “Starting from that time, there started to be evil,” said the fandom.

Songgain is a typical pig image. It was like steamed bread. ” For the first time, he said, “I admit.” He said, “It was so vivid that it was so lively. It seems to me that my face is plump and my nose is bokko.

He said, “I was worried about molding before the audition, I was stressed because I did not get on the screen very well, and 9 out of 10 people were getting stressed out. He said he was pretty enough, and he did not do one. “

The evil spirits toward Hongjia were also revealed. First of all, the name is bad. Hong Ji said, “This is a first name, and the real name is Park Ji-min.” He said, “I chose to be kind, and I wanted to show a pure image.

Hongzai calls ‘authentic trot nail’ unlike Songgian. “The song was ruined. “I do not think I can call my trot,” he said.

Especially, Hongja is going to bury Songgain even after ” Miss Trout ”. Why do you keep coming? I read the evil that ‘Songjin and Hongjun are at different levels’. “I will admit no, I do not think the level is different,” he said.

It also explains the controversial “out of the water”. “It’s not a sound break, it’s not a sound, it’s a sound,” he said, “but it was a lot of controversy about it,” he said.

“I started singing at the age of 18,” said Park Sung-yeon, who said, “I can not sing well.” “I started singing at the age of 18. But I do not know much about trotting since I started trotting last mid- I learned from the teacher who taught you, “he said.

“I wonder why this is happening,” said the evil, “I ate the curry pork cutlet that day,” he said. In addition, “Hong Jin-young was molded along with his face,” he said, “It feels like I’m hitting Hong Jin-young, and I did not want to take the picture and do the same.

Park Sung – yeon ‘s face is over. I have sprouted all my teeth to my teeth. I was surprised to read the comment ” He said, “I did not do the actual molding.

MC Sulli played an outstanding role on the day. Because he was a trot singer, he called himself a trot song. “I have something to drink and drink,” he started singing, causing a fury. Shin Dong-yeop joked, “I can not do well, I’m ambiguous.”

Sully continued to smile by following the “Mistrot” Angels’ trot. But when he heard Song of Songgain, he said, “I can not do it.” Kim Sook said, “We have known from before.” Sully replied, “I tried to teach you (who you are)” and gave a big smile.

Broadcast Ammi Sully received a solo comeback celebration. When I asked her testimony, she said “I do not know if I should stand here again and read the evil again”. Shin Dong-yeop said, “We are working hard for our program.” ‘Night of the Blind’ is broadcast every Friday at 8:00 pm.

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