In the afternoon of August 26, Mnet ‘Queendom’ production presentation was held at the Light Maru Broadcasting Support Center in Ilsan-dong, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do. Jo Wook-hyung PD, Lee Hee-hee and Jang Sung-kyu attended the scene.

‘Queendom’ is a program in which 6 K-POP Girls’ Group 6 teams play head-to-head for 10 weeks. The concert will be back at 1:00 a day to break the unwritten rate in the music market that has been adjusted so that the comeback times do not overlap.

Queendom takes three pre-contest stages and one live comeback stage. The single album will be released at 11 o’clock on October 24 at the same time, and the winner will be the team with the most public choice.

Cho Wook-hyung PD said, “The preparation period was quite long. I’m very grateful for the broadcast schedule, ”he said.“ We started with the question of how these top singers face off and how people look when they release their music at the same time and come back at the same time. ”

Joe PD has also elucidated concerns about encouraging fandom fights. “What if the European Champions League would be with other teams in Europe?” The idea became a sport on a global scale. ”“ I wanted to replay it in a music program. It is not just an artist’s confrontation, but each company is going to show their life and prepare hard. ”

The six teams that will play the comeback match were AOA, (Girls) Kids, Lovelyz, Mamamu, Oh My Girl and Park Bom. From her 2nd year of debut to 11th year of her debut, Park Bom makes her own comeback show.

Prior to the production presentation, the 6 team members who appeared in Photo Time said, “We will show a different figure that we could not show before.”

Cho said, “We received a list of singers for the first decade in music broadcasts. Among them, those who were active were selected and those who were still competitive were selected. Park Bom is a girl group, and because she shows unique charm, she thought it was necessary to show the various colors of our program. ”

“PD has a great attitude for those who appear. It is unlikely that anyone will be shaved off like the existing survival program. ”“ When I do my best in my domain and get results, I think it will be the center of view. You don’t have to worry about someone looking bad. ”

Idahee and Jang Sung-kyu were dropped on the MC that led Queen. Actor Ida-hee, who recently showed off her crush charm through tvN ‘Enter Your Search Word WWW’, is a designer of ‘Queendom’ and a supporter of girl groups. In addition, Jang Sung-gyu, who has appeared in various programs since the pre-declaration, is having his heyday, plans to boost the fun of the program with his witty speech and quickness.

Lee Dae-hee said, “I see the artist’s stage on the screen every time. I hope that many of them will know and support through ‘Queendom’. ” I recorded two times to support not only Mamamu but also the performances of all the groups. ”

Jang Sung-gyu showed off his unique talk on this day. “I recently had an image that crossed the line, so I wondered what to do. “We will do our best to the end by not going beyond the pressure of girl group fandoms,” he said. “I saw a lot of voices mixed with concern for the program. You can swear me when you want to swear. I’m inclined to act as a resentment. ”

While ‘Produce X101’ was controversial due to suspicion of voting manipulation, ‘Queendom’ also pointed out that it is conducting text voting on live stage. In response, Cho said, “(Production degree) is a heavy part. In the case of the last live broadcast, we are also planning to have a text voting observer be able to attend together. ”

At the same time, PD Cho said, “We are preparing to keep the data data in case of preliminary contests and to disclose them when necessary.”

Finally, Idahee said, “I hope the focus will be on the girl groups competing in good faith. If you look from the side, you are working hard enough to express. I hope you will be interested and cheering until the last broadcast in October. ”

Meanwhile, the Mnet comeback war ‘Queendom’ will air on August 29 at 9:20 pm.

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