On this day, Han Seo Jin was angry that Kim Hye-na was out of wedlock from her husband Gang Jun-sang (Jung Jun-ho). At that time, Kim looked around at the dress room of Hanseo Jin and said, “Maybe this could be my mother.”

One day, Jean Jin came back home, and Kim Hye – na confessed, “I am sorry I came in.” I headed to her room. Hanseo Jin was unable to tolerate his anger and threw a pearl necklace.

Since then, Kang Jun-sang always cares about Kim Hye-na who eats alone. So Gang Joon-sang also joined Kim Hye-na in the opposition of Hanseo Jin and Kang Yi-sun (Kim Ji-yoon).

Because of Kim Hye-na, both Hanseo Jin and Kang Yee-seo became nervous. Kim Hye – na ‘s secret, but unable to speak, hancheon jealously screamed and shed his anger without his family knowing.

In addition, Kang Yi-seo was angry with Han Seong-jin, “Should I eat rice in my home?” In the meantime, Kang Ye-se said “I am the mother who knows everything even if I do not speak.”

Afterwards, Han Hye-jin was angry when she heard her saying, “My mom is like a fool.

Hanseun asked Kim Hye-na, “What was your purpose when you came to my house knowing that your mother had only crushed her father for life?” Kim Hye-na responded, “Now you know, who I am?”

Hanson said, “I know why you came into my house because you know it, you are scared, I will throw you away like you abandoned your mother.

Kim said, “Do not confuse me, I’ve come back to my dad for a lifetime,” she said. Hanse Jean said, “Yes, my dad will never tolerate you, because you can not tolerate it in a great life.”

Kim Hye-na cried with a tearful smile, saying, “I’ll have to try it once.” Hanseo Jin cheated on the cheek of Kim Hye-na and got on the car. Kim Hye-na, who had settled down in the car, asked, “What do you want?”

Kim said, “Please ask for your family register.” Hanseo Jin said to Kim Hye-na’s request, “Wait till you go to Seoul National University Medical College.”

On the 29th general broadcast channel JTBC gilt drama ‘SKY Castle’, the figure of Jin Jin-hee (Onara) who searched for superior (Lee Ji-jin) who had run away was drawn.

On this day, Hanseo Jin (Iljiaa) is Kim’s daughter, Kim Gyeong-sang (Jung Jun-ho), and Kim Hye-na knew that she came to the house. But there was nothing I could do right now. Hanso Jean said, ‘I can not drive it out, and I can not tell my dad. When I get to know one example in the world, I was worried. Hanso Jean said, ‘You have to get upright. We should never know anyone until we get to college. ”

But Kang Yeon-bin (Lee Ji-won) and Kang Jun-sang wanted to eat rice at the table like Kim Hye-na. Hanseo Jin, who jumped out of the way, was forced to ask Kang Yi-sung (Kim Hye-yoon). However, Kang Yee-seo said, “Kim agreed to ask me to do so, but I can not help but notice how she can do this.

Afterwards Kang Yi Sung was watching the game of Huang Zi (Chan Hee) playing basketball. This is what Kim Jae-na tried first. Kim said to Kang Ye-seon, “I like your universe, I think you are not in the universe, but I’m sorry,” he said, “I do not know why I do not know. I did not have to worry. ”


The angry Han Seo Jin put Kim in the car and headed for somewhere. Kim Hye-na said, “I will be careful in the future, I will make you angry.” However, Hanse-jean said “Shut up” and stopped Kim’s mouth. Hanse-jean, who came down to a rare place, asked Kim Hye-na, “Your mom has been in love for a lifetime. What purpose did you come into my house knowing that?” Kim said, “Do you know now?”

Hanseun replied, “You’re scared, I’ll throw you away as you have abandoned your mother, so you can not tell that you’re a girl?” But Kim said, “I came back to give back as much as I got. Hanse Jean said, “If you find out that you are a daughter, how will your dad come out of the world? I will never tolerate you or admire you, because you will not tolerate such great pride.”

Kim said, “Yes, I would like to try it suddenly. Hanseo Jin hit the cheek of Kim Hye-na and took a car alone. However, I stopped the car and Kim got into the car. When Hanse Jean asked, “What do you want?” Kim Hye-na said, “Please give me your family register. Kim Hye-na asked me to wait until Hanse-jeong passed the Seoul Medical College in order to get a job. “I have a condition, I have a meal together and I will go to my house.”

Since then, Mrs. Yoon (Jang Ae-Ri) has been calling for a bureaucracy because of her deacon. The deacon was Laura Jeong, who had met with Han Seo Jin with Kim Ju-young. Laura asked about Kim Joo-young and Laura Jeong showed her cellphone and confirmed that she was right. Kim Joo-young was arrested as a suspect who murdered her husband in a car accident.

Meanwhile, Roh Seung Hye (Yoon Seah) found a wig while arranging a tea room (Park Yuna). Cha Min-hyeok (Kim Byung-chul) saw this, but “You know what? I liked the fact that the children who study well are playing well.” At that time, a call was made to the sister of Na Seung Hye. My sister screamed, “This is the wrong year for you to go to Korea? It’s Harvard’s life and everything is deceiving.” Sohn Seung-hyeh stopped talking to Minmyung Cha.

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