In the 17th JTBC drama “SKY Castle”, a comprehensive program channel broadcast on the 18th, Lee Soo Lim (Lee Tae Ran), who begs for Han Seo Jin, was drawn.


On this day, Gang Jun-sang (Jeong Jun-ho) was anguished to know that Kim Hye-na (Kim Bo-ra) was his daughter. I have been angry with Jin Seon, who has not spoken to me in the meantime, but the saying, “You killed Kim Hye – na” came back. Yoon said, “Why is it your fault? Even though you are your daughter, you are a doctor who saved a serious patient first.”

“I do not know how to do it, but I do not know how to do it,” said Kang Jun-sang, “so let me know how to solve it. How do you act as a doctor? “He cried,” It is my mother that made me like this. ” Yun called her and said, “Your daughter must pass the Seoul National University, which is a way to make Hyeon forget her.”

Meanwhile, Han Seo Jin heard a transcript left by Kim Hye-na to Gye-bene (Lee Ji-won). Kim was intimidating Kim Ju-young (Kim Seo-hyung) who leaked the test paper. Hanseo Jin compared the predicted questionnaires and test papers of Kang Yee – seo. Kim Hye-na was all true.

Hanseun said, “This is a bad year. I raised my daughter’s score in this way, and if I do, I will ruin someone’s life.” I began to doubt that Jin-bum was killed. The visual security guard Park In – kyu (Hansa) was looking for money in the subway locker.

Hanso Jin made an angry visit to Kim Joo-young, but Kim Ju-young said, “My mother did not stimulate Hye-Na.” He said, “It is my mother who ruined my plan.” Kim said, “If the universe does not fall, declare me. The leak of the test paper will be revealed by itself.

Hanse-jin said, “So you’re going to keep the fact that you are the real one? I do not think I’ll let you go.” Kim Joo-young stressed, “You can not give up your chil- dren at Seoul National University. Han Seo Jean said, “Let ‘s pass our example as promised. Do not touch my daughter’ s hand, because if I had something like giftedness, I would kill you.

Lee Su-Lim also noticed that Kim Ju-young was the culprit, but there was no way. Isuim finds Hanso Jin and apologizes and says, “I do not think you killed Hye, Kim Ju-young.” However, Hanse Jean said, “I am sorry but I have mistaken it, I do not know anything”, and Lee Soo – im said, “No, you are the mother who raised the child”. Hanseo Jin ignored the effort, and Kang Ye-seon (Kim Hye-yoon) watched and shed tears.

Kang Yi Sung contacted Lee Soo – im and visited Hwang Woo – shik. “I am sorry, I know I did not kill you,” Tang said, crying tears. Isuim asked Kang Yessa who the key ring was, and Kang Yessa said, “Kim Hye – na went to Kim Joo – young ‘s office.”

When I was sorry for Kang Sang – ee, Isu – im told me that Kim Ju – young was a dangerous person. If you do not know that Kang Yi-se went to visit, he said, “I told you to forget the universe, you are high 3. If I stay well this time, I can go to Seoul National University.” Why should I wear a prison uniform? “He asked, where is the key ring of the parrot?

Hanse-jin asked, “Do not you know what that means?” Kang Yesser said, “I know, my mother also suspects Kim Joo-young.” Han Seo-jin said, “Last year’s final exam, not your ability, Kim Joo-young made it that way. Hanse Jean said, “I know how much my mother is wrong, but yes, I can not give up my life.” At that time, Gang Jun-sang appeared and said, “Kim Joo-young killed Hye-na?” He went to Kim Joo-young and said, “Did you kill?”


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